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  1. You can try http://www.woodfinder.com/ I've had very good luck searching for "marine plywood" around my zip code
  2. Graham patiently answered a bunch of silly questions I had a while back and Carla quickly e-mailed me the material list for another plan I still have not bought so I can make a budget. Just saying...
  3. The search window seems to be just off the screen on the top right. Anyway, this thread has all the great wishbone picture you ever want; http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/7700-bb-mess-about-2011/page__p__66178__hl__wishbone__fromsearch__1#entry66178
  4. If you're gonna go dark wood check this out https://www.boatdesigns.com/15-Glen-L-15-sloop/products/443/
  5. I was thinking something like this when I had the C25 since the transom ladder was usually tied up good. You can make one much cheaper. I always carried something like this in my cave pack (in the good old days). It just hangs over the side until you open it.
  6. At least you enjoyed the boat while you had it (I hope). I bought a Catalina 25 6 years ago, sold it last year for what I put into it after I bought it (forget about purchase price). Divide what I lost by the hours I spent using it, comes out ok (would have come out cheap except we did not use it for the last 2 years).
  7. I would think a boom bail with screws should avoid the compression and convert the load to shear.
  8. Have you seen this place? http://www.polysail.com/ They have kits not only with all parts but even a pair of scissors!
  9. Just keep in mind that if your COE is in front of your COLR, you will have some degree of lee helm (i.e. if you get overpowered boat will head downwind instead of upwind). I personally like weather helm so the boat stalls if I lose control.
  10. An Aerorig? (sorry, the I got bit by the fidilitis)
  11. Plus you'll have to get Graham's opinion on attaching a jib to an unstayed mast.
  12. I've seen "jib boom" a few ways: Front attachment: can be attached to the deck just behind the jib tack (google "Hoyt Boom") or clamped to the front stay (probably not possible with a furler) Clew attachment: you can simply tie it off at the boom (like a sloop mainsail) or if you want to bring it to the cockpit you need to go forward to the pivot of the jib boom. Here is an overkill diagram but explanatory: http://www.harken.com/rigtips/SelfTackJibsStaysails.php Also here is one showing the lines (but the sail is furled) http://www.tulane.edu/%7Edarwin/Comus/Comus%20jib-boom2.jpg and a
  13. Kewl pictures and videos. I had been looking at the WT page last few days wondering how long it would take to get ready for the NC-50 (as in 2012 or 2013). Of course first I'll have to build a boat :^)
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