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  1. The downside to open oar locks is that you need to keep your hands on the oars. A moments inattention atttending to other issues and you can be "Up the creek without a paddle" so to speak.
  2. That's the kicker for me. If I could only have one boat the Cs 20 Mk2 would be on the very short list. But i have a CS 20 MK1 now with a set of race sails and a set of No Roach sails, and the idea of a Belhaven which will be able to use the same sails appeals to me. More cabin space and a nice complement ot the Mk1.
  3. Without a doubt it is tempting. The CS 20 MK2 is very close to a Belhaven in functionality. If it was a Belhaven though I would have been on the phone to you yesterday making arrangements....
  4. That is an awfully attractive price Chik. Are you sure you wouldn't like to build a nice Bellhaven and take it out for a few sails??
  5. Yeah but lost of fine dust gets past filters... I have a fan forced hot water heater mounted to ceiling to heat shop in winter. It gets a fair amount of dust in the crevices. I plan on hosing it out next spring again....
  6. I think you really ought to build a Bellhaven Next Chick. I wish I had known about your Princess 22 you sold. Build a Bellhaven. Sail it 4-5 times and then give me a call. I will gladly by it from you...
  7. No AC in shop here. Can't ever see installing it either. Weeks like this past one is fairly rare. Yeah we get weather like that for 2-3 days, but 7 is rare. I gotta wonder on AC'd shops, How on earth do you handle all the dust drawn into the heat exchanger?
  8. It has been the pits working in the shop all this week with sweat running down my back, nose, forehead dripping on my glasses.... I don't know how those in the south deal with this all summer....
  9. Woo Hoo. 10:23 at night and air temps down to 68 Degrees. Dew point down to 58! Last night it was 85 degrees at 10:30. dew point was 75.
  10. To any of our Canadian members. Thank you so much for sending the Canadian High pressure front down to Maine. Past week has been highs in the 90's with high humidity and Dew Points in the upper 70's. Over past hour the air has noticeably dried out and the temp has dropped 8 degrees already.!! Geesh, it was feeling like North Carolina here all week! Blech.
  11. 1 coat of cheap white paint lasts 5 times longer than 5 coats of quality marine varnish...
  12. Most production sea kayaks have bulkheaded compartments which provide air tank floatation. Hard thing to get with a SOF Kayak... Having crew compartment bulkheaded off from fore and aft compartments ads a lot of security. If the cockpit gets flooded it is a whole lot less water to removes rahter than entire vessel.
  13. If nothing else if you can get seat of your pants closer to hull bottom that will help more than you might guess. 2 inches of height reduction makes a world of difference in stability. Looking at pics you look to be sitting kind of high...
  14. It sure sounds like you are exceeding the weight design for the boat based on what you are experiencing. How much lighter is your loving Bride? Under 150? I know I am setting you up for very dangerous water here. Whatever you do do not answer the question out loud or in print. But If she is in the 150 range I am willing to bet that she will find it quite comfortable and you will have your answer and she will have a nice Kayak. Length is not sole determiner of stability as you found out with Old Town 12.5 . Length is a major determiner of speed though. Likely if you measure the width of the two the Old town is substantially wider.... and slower and heavier than the skin on frame. Like I said it will probably be a great fit for your wife. You on the other hand might want to check out Kudzu craft and see what else it out there for skin on frame kayaks that would be a better fit for you. http://kudzucraft.com/ So, on the p[erfect 1/2 eskimo roll thing, were you doing the hard half or the easy half??
  15. In all fairness to the sellers and dealers... If you do not specify a brand name BS1088, and simply ask for BS 1088 Okoume,,, Well.... I always specify brand name myself. The hull of the boat is no place to compromise....
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