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tiny pin prick marks after varnishing (fine sandpaper like marks)


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Hello all,


I just had all my vertical wood sanded then varnished. The pro had the same result as me namely a consistent layer of very tiny pin prick like marks throughout. Not dust/no bubles. Sanding them down, filling with more epoxy "varnish", EMC varnish, and layer looks good then they appear all over again.



Very frustated and broke over trying to fix this (I'd tried multiple times to no avail so went to a pro).



Ps: picture off cell phone help very close to surface so pin pricks accented much larger than reality. Again, not dust, way too consistent.


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It's very difficult to offer any kind of reply when there's not much to work with.


What is the product (Quantum 99 or UV?), what's the surface, what's the total of the surface prep, the base substrate coating(s), etc., etc., etc. How do you know these aren't bubbles from out gassing, how do you know it's dust free?


Slow down, take a breath and start from the beginning. What's the wood? How is it sealed? What temperature was the varnish applied and did this temperature change during the first portions of the cure? What's the actual product? What type of sand paper did you use? Was it a "FreCoat" style of paper? How was this finish applied?


Working with clear coats, a lot of stuff can happen, to screw with the finish. These acrylic urethane coatings don't do well on unsealed and/or raw wood surfaces, just not enough elasticity to accommodate the movement. They are durable and shinny, but tend to crack on less than stable substrates, which is typical of raw of lightly sealed wood.


Pin holes suggest out gassing, so temperatures, unsealed wood, unencapsulated wood and of course raw wood are the likely places to explore. You may also try calling Joel at Boat Builder Central and see if he has a clue (I'm assuming this is where you got it).

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