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Curlew build completed

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Well I got it ready for the water.....It is stained with minwax golden oak and coated with helmsman's spar urathaine...I modified the frames... made up some adjustable foot pegs that are easily removed....






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Curlew first time on the water.....Granddaughter first time in a kayak...At the end of a couple hrs. she was doing fine, back paddling,drag paddling ,through the obstacles.....








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Rather than start a new thread since this is about the Curlew I'm replying here.  I'm laying out frames having completed ripping stringers etc. and trying to think at least 1 step ahead.  So I spotted the stern deck beams and marked them, still have to adjust to make sure they are under the skin, but not sure why.  On my other SOF they contact the skin.  Then I looked at the forward deck to mark placement.  Confused as to a dimension I went to the book.  No mention of them.  Then I find a spot that says there is only 1 deck beam for the Curlew and it shows it that way in the picture.  The frame as laid out from the offsets doesn't look like the picture.  It needs to have 2 deck beams plus the center.  So, look at the website.  Pictures show deck beams forward of the cockpit.  Next, Woodman's build pic's.  Same frame as what I have laid out.  Shows 3 stringers across the top of the frame at the cockpit.  Sooooo, unless someone knows something I'm not seeing I'm going with 2 deck beams from frame 8'2" to frame 10' setting them at the coordinate points.  I'm assuming that Woodman added and rearranged his frames from what I'm seeing in his pic's above. 


All this also brings up 2 more questions:  1) Almost 3 feet between the frames at the coaming.  Long span for 1/2" plywood sit boards?

and 2) amy problems with size 13's?  Looks tight up there by frame 10'.




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Hey, Woodman.  Nice build.   Just curious....what's the partial frame just ahead of the cockpit cushion (attached to just chines and keel)??   Was that on the plans or is it something you added?  Thanks.


Regards, Steve

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