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David Lindow Jr.

Princess 22 Design Praise

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I had the joy of building a Princess 22 this past year and have been sailing it for the past six months. I thought I would give a little input as to what I have discovered. The Princess 22 is a subperb design. I have found her to be extremely stable and great under sail. I have sailed her in winds gusting as high has 40 MPH. The Princess is not designed for such winds but it is great to know she will take care of you if you get caught. I have been in winds in the thirties on three occassions and have found her capable of climbing to wind under reefed main only.

The Princess has a balanced helm that will alow her to sail herself. I can set sail and leave the helm for extended periods of time even in heavy winds. I have never had a boat capable of this. The fact that her motor sits in a well keeps the prop in the water even in rough conditions. Last night I had breaking waves four feet high and my prop never spun out.

The only weakness I have found is her slow tacking through the wind. The hull design and the keelsome slows her considerably through the wind but once around she accelerates great. Downwind she extremely fast. Pull up the centerboard and sail by the lee and she soars. I have hit 10 mph surfing down some waves in Espiritu Santos Bay.

Graham has done an incredible job designing this boat. If you are looking for a buildable boat that will flat sail, take good care of you, has lots and lots of storage, is extremely stable, in the 22 foot range, the Princess 22 is your boat.

Maybe one day I'll go for the 26.


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I have just recieved my CD of photos from Carla and I find myself using the Princess as the measeure for all the other boats in my selection range. I am in the process of casting out all the other projects to begin a Princess.


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