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A stool for my granddaughter

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I was supposed to build this for her 2 or 3 years ago but as all my projects seem to go, it was late.  She is 4-1/2 now and very pleased with the stool.  Her face is carved on one end, her name on the other end, and who made if for her on the bottom.  It is made from some scrap yellow pine from a construction site, glued together with West Systems epoxy, coated with it, then varnished with a clear coat.  I then made a 12 hour drive up near to St. Paul and presented it to her. :)

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Thank you, Charlie.  I appreciate the compliment! :) 

You are right, as I could have shipped it instead, but that look of delight on her face was worth the trip.  The looks of surprise on her mom's and my son's faces were good too. ;D

I made 3 similar stools about 6 years ago but without any carvings, with Gorilla glue and stained a honey oak then varnished.  One went to my eldest granddaughter, the older sister of Autumn in the picture, and one to the daughter of my daughter, and one for Sam and Ben.  All of them are standing the test of time and will be floating around the family for years if not generations, I expect.  25 years ago some of the older fellows in our church made stools for the kids, one of which is still sitting in our bathroom and used on a daily basis for holding reading materials or when grandkids come to visit.  I think of those men everytime I notice the stool.  Now I must make three more for each of the other grandkids.  Yellow pine is getting hard to locate lately, but red pine is grown locally and is pretty good wood, or perhaps sassafras.  Working with wood and learning the different species is really fun for me.  I wish I had remembered to get some Mesquite lumber last summer while down in Texas.....next year hopefully on the next trip.

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  Great job Greg.

  That stool will end up serving many uses.  I bet it follows her throughout her travels from home to a college dorm to a new home and to another generation.  Maybe one day to Antiques Roadshow ("So you say your grandmother's grandfather built boats...") ;)

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That beautiful stool reminds me of a stool my father (Samuel E. McCrary, 1908 - 1975) made in wood shop class as a student at Central High School in Washington, DC. I discovered the stool when I settled his sister's estate in 1985 and I made good use of it for years. It finally gave out a year or so ago from wood rot and (probable) abuse. It was about the size of the one made for your granddaughter. She will find good use for it throughout her life. A stool is a great "starter" project for a shop student. And a very useful item in any household.

Pete McCrary

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