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One more restoration

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OK, thought I would post photos of the almost restored bandsaw. Every boat builder needs a good bandsaw. I have a Grizzly 14" and keep finding I need a bigger saw. I found a dirt cheap Delta on Craiglist minutes after it was posted. I contacted the owner and bought two machines from him. I cleaned up the bandsaw, tuned it up and made a few test cuts and put it back on Craiglist. Mentioned that I would like to trade for a big cast iron bandsaw, not expecting anyone to reply. Well next day I had an offer to swap for an American Woodworks 30" bandsaw... or should I say jigsaw puzzle? Anyway, he made me offer I couldn't refuse.


This one came home in boxes and parts. I had partially put it together here to try to see what was missing.

Few weeks latter I started cleaning and painting parts and pieces.

width=487 height=650http://www.kudzupatch.com/woodshop/bandsaw/day2-paintedbase.jpg[/img]


A few more weeks and it looked like this.

width=487 height=650http://www.kudzupatch.com/woodshop/bandsaw/inplace1.jpg[/img]

Since this was taken I found a vintage (meaning HUGE) 3 phase 5 HP motor for it. I have it mounted and I have the belts installed, switch wired and it running.  I got stalled at the point though. I need to buy and crown a set of tires. Find some replacement parts of the guides and purchase some blades.

The tables need to be shimmed to get them level and then it will be ready to go.  Well I want to build a belt guard. My dogs are to comfortable around running machines and I don't want one to loose their tail, literally!!

Hoping to get motivaed and come up with some cash to finish this one up in the next couple of months. I want to start boat building and sure would like to have this one done to cut up all that plywood.

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WOW!!! I'm jealous. I missed out one a 30 some years ago.

I'd bet your best bet overall would be to buy a continuous roll of blades and a blade welder for a saw that size. Probably a lot cheaper in the long run than trying to find blades that size.

Also, please DO NOT run the thing without blade guards. I still have cold sweats about putting a new blade on our 14 incher and forgetting to put the guard back on- then I saw Laura over there cutting something with the unprotected blade whizzing past her arm- inches away. I about had a heart attack!!! I didn't want to yell for fear she'd jump and hit the blade, so I walked over and shut the machine off and pushed her away.

I"ll NEVER forget the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach from that.

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WOW!  There is one similar to that sitting wrapped up in a guys drive way in the town I live near.  I'm not an electrician so I will ask, what does running 3 phase, 5 horse do to a guys electric bill?  I know you have several big machines.  Also, what kind of tractor is that in the background? John Deere?

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When I said belt guard, I was talking about the motor and the exposed pulley on the machine you can see. It's away from the operator so they are in no danger. But I can see my one dog wagging her tail right into that belt and into the pulley and slicing it off at a joint!

Now as for blade guards, thats another matter. The saw is only missing a couple of parts. One is the mount that held a guard from the upper guide to the wheel. Not sure what to do there. Not something I can easily fab up. The guard is simple but the holder is big casting. Still looking for someone parting out one of these and maybe find that bracket.

I know of an Amish foundry that does small one of kind parts for the public and may have to try to make a pattern for them to cast. But then it has to be machined. Really a big problem. Once it is running I will have to work on that. I am not stickler for originality but I like to keep the period look if I can.

The lower wheel and under the table has the optional doors you can see. Where the blade goes form the lower wheel to the upper wheel, it is enclosed in stick of wood with a dado cut in it. My Grizzly has a plastic piece similar to that. 

The upper wheel is unguarded. There was an option wire cover to go on there. I don't like the way it looks honestly. But I have decided to get the saw going and see how I feel about it then. Those big wheels turn MUCH faster than a 14" saw! Watching the lower wheel the first time I just knew I had made a mistake. Rechecked and it was right on the money. Man is it spinning fast!

Doug, I had to build a phase converter to get 3-phase. It's not even available here. Regardless the load on the 5 hp is minimal except at start up and when your sawing. And this motor is overkill too. But it is the correct style so it won.  3 phase motor draws 1/3 the amps a single phase. So it's not using that much power. Granted these old motor are not efficient and use more but I can't say I have notice any real difference.  No lights dimming, neighborhood blackouts or any thing. :-) 

The tractor is a JD 430, 1959 +/-?  It was my dads and I inherited it. It was torn down at the time doing one of the hardest trouble shooting jobs I have ever had.  Long story but I had a set of points that only shorted out once it spun fast enough to crank. Just about went bald before I found out what was going on.

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