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Another restoration. PM-100

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Just hate to see this forum so dead. So will add a few photos.


This is what I started with. It had been stored for 20+ years. Motor has to be rebuilt as it didn't work. Stripped it down to the castings and started rebuilding.


Took about a month but got it all back together and looking a bit better. 8)



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Same idea, smaller scale. All these need are a good hand sharpening and they are back to their original glory. In my opinion, true works of art. These older tools can be found cheap (relative to what they are), and with very little effort brought back to useable condition. The result is a tool that is far, far superior to anything available today and at a fraction of the cost of what comparable quality, if you could find it at all. Do a little research, then sort through the chafe. They are out there.

As a guy with a pretty full stable of power tools, it's remarkable how quickly things can get done by just grabbing a saw or plane or chisel and do it. No setup time involved. And safer too.

A very BIG thank you to Bob S. for pointing this out.







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I just bought two saws small saws. One dovetail and one rip cut. Got them sharpened ready to go for half the price most people pay for one name brand saw. Love them too. Would rather have the old saws myself. Good looking saws BTW.

Have not tried sharpening yet just because I haven't had the need too. But it is on my list of things to learn.

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