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CS 17 with a Lid? Hmmmmmmm....

Tim Diebert

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Wellsford " Sweetpea", Selway Fisher Highlander ,and carefully check Atkin " Sailboats under 20 ' "

All great designs and boats I looked at over the years.

Sweetpea was my fav of the bunch, but so little is known of the sailing qualities as yet.....unless somebody who actually sails their's has spoken up recently.

In the end.....I build stuff out of wood for a living....have for over 30 years now....and I tell you what.....I just could not get it up to work THAT many hours over and above my 180 a month in the same shop. I had always loved Lyles designs....one of my first loves was the Bristol Channel Cutter.....the M17 is from the same mind and loved it the first time I saw one. I never thought I would be able to afford one. Things change.

I prefer a wood boat by a long shot, I actually would prefer a Gaffer by a long shot...and I really would love to build myself another boat one day, but not while i still work full time at a bench.

Perhaps a retirement project. But right now, I am tolerating living with the glass boat....but sailing my butt off and not building anything....Oh, except I do have to build a new mast and fix up Annie M. for selling this Spring. I wish I could afford to use and keep both.

Actually....if I was to build anything I wanted right now....I might still consider Dudleys Cape Cutter 19. Always loved that design.

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Its been a tough winter having to sail and fish almost once or twice a week except when the winds and weather combined to make it below freezing. But indeed tell me more of this sighting for sure.

Below Freezing! Really? Poor baby. :lol:

This is my world....



Your images look pretty friggin good from my location Buddy. REALLY good.....specially this time of year.

The sighting was quite shocking and a little off putting.....just stumbled upon it cruising around my virtual world.

Personally I am on the far end of my hair growing hobby right now. I think about a year and half between hair cuts....it is a very passive hobby.

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PM answered......

...thats not the best position for any boat for me as well let me tell you.

Every winter I spend more and more time checking realistate prices south.....waaaay south. I found a nice 1 acre lot with a cottage and large covered patio....all kinds of colourful flowers, shrubs and plants.....$13,000 :shock: in Costa Rico.

I would go anywhere warm where I could still sail.

Maybe a nice apartment in Florida with room to park the Monty.....

I just have to find a way to make an income for 6 months of the year over the net..... :? :)

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