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Race Declared

Mark Gudschinsky

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Well samuel,

Alexander is searching everywhere for open water. He has figured out that our lakes up here don't thaw until the end of May! So he my be a bit ahead on boat construction but he is searching everywhere for a place he can launch the Swimmer when it's done. There are a few locations on the river that runs through our town that often thaw early so the two of you might still have a tight race going. You will have to encourage your boatshed help to keep at it as often as possible.

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Dad is so busy now. Lots of work for him in the spring here.

Sam keeps running off to the ravine with his dog too.

Me and dad do most of the building. Sam is the painter.

Dad says we will work on Dragon after church today.... :D



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Hey, I helped. I did the lofting and some of the cutting. And I helped pick wood from the pile too.

Dad tells me play with my dog. She gets lonely. Bens cat just sleeps and eats.

Dad is busy all the time now and he wants to get Dragon done too.

CYA Dudes,


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Whenever me and dad have an opportunity to work we take it. We work on the tools since there's rarely anything else to do .

He works on the boat tools and makes dad do most of the sanding. :)

true true. But do you know what? All have to do is finish the oarlocks and we get to paint Swimmer. How is Dragon going Samel?


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I will tell Sam and Ben. I am sure they will like that.

I suggest we spend the summer gathering treasure and tell what has been found. When the boating season is over we can decide which treasures are the best including the story of finding the treasure, then decide who has won. Agreed? Any changes?

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