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CS 17 Electric Power. Any ideas

Dale Niemann

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As I was taping seams today, I was thinking, always dangerous about propulsion when there is no wind. Oars are a last resort. We have some tide to worry about in the inlets. I was previously thinking a 2HP outboard. But had this idea of puting an electric on the rudder. Any ideas from you all out there. Was also wondering the best placement for a heavy battery.

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Likewise, I have considered an electric motor mounted on the rudder. I have built a small bracket that connects to the aft end of the rudder that will handle a typical transom mounted trolling motor. Havent tried it out.

I figure the trolling motor will be plenty for those occassional situations where the wind is contrary or gone.

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Here is an 18' Sanpan that I designed a few years ago. The owner wanted electric power, so we made a well with a plug thru which we glassed in a shop made glass tube and cut down a 75# thrust motor to fit the plug. It turned out very well in practice, has plenty of torque and takes up very little space. I had intended to have a second plug for use under sail to eliminate the prop drag but the owner is happy with it the way it is.

[attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]

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That is a slick installation! I have been thinking that I can eliminate a source of concern on my big boat by powering my Spindrift with an electric motor vs. a gasoline outboard. Obviously, I won't have to build a well, but it reinforces my thoughts about electric propulsion. Thanks for the cool photos.


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