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Mark Gudschinsky

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OK, I got into My Gallery but two trys at uploading resulted as follows:

I have my photos in Adobe Photo delux 1.1

I tried uploading one on an Adobe format, message said unacceptable format.

I then converting it to a GIF, the file was too large.

Now what?

(You might need to know that you're not dealing with the sharpest tack in the box when it comes to computers.)

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Not a problem, Mark! None of us know this stuff from birth.

For display on the web, pictures need to be "smaller" because most monitors are set to a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels ... which means a picture larger than 800 pixels wide is wider than the entire screen! And you don't need the same kind of resolution in "dots per inch" for display on a monitor either; 72dpi is fine.

There's a pretty good tutorial on preparing pictures for use on Ebay using Adobe Photo Deluxe at http://skyscraper.fortunecity.com/bitmap/44/adobe/adobe.html. He goes step by step through using the program to resize a photo to make it acceptable for the web.

I would try resizing the photos to 6 x 4" or so, with 72 dpi, and follow the tutorial's instructions on saving them under a different name (keeping your original at the higher resolution if you ever want to print it out!)

Let me know if that helps!

JPG or PNG formats are the best in terms of size, but GIF is OK for posting also. Generally, you'll get the smallest file size with a JPG file, so its the one to use in most cases.

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For forum posting and email sending of pix's 640X480 works the best.

It loads much quicker for those that don't have cable or DSL and it will show the whole pix on the screen without moving the pix back and forth to see the whole thing.

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