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  1. If you suck down around the bit opening the whole router would be in a box where the dust is being sucked. That would be a No-No. Plus you wouldn't be able to make adjustments easy. The setup I have works great. As you can see there is a tool box incorperated in the unit. This fills the dead zone of sucking chips too. Here somemore detailed pix's. The box/plunim was made from melameane shelf boards they sell at the box stores.
  2. The link above that Oyster posted is my boat. I alway's follow this imfo, no matter if it's plywood cored or PVC Foam cored. I don't want water intrusion int any type of core and as said above. It's to keep from the core compressing in Balsa or PVC. http://bertram31.com/proj/tips/sleeving.htm
  3. Here's mine on a 3hp 220V Shop Fox. It has a layer of 3/4in marine ply [i had it] and a layer of 1/2in MDF. Both sides were covered in Formica. I built a plenum/ tool box that you will see in the pix's. I hung a 2 1/4hp Milwakee router in it. [/img]
  4. Frank Is this just a pix software to orginize and play with the pix some or is it a webhost to upload pix's to? PhotoBucket has a lot to offer too. I recommend that one to a lot of folks. It's fast simple and free up to a certain number of pix's which I have maxed out. HeHe I'm a ginny pig on a FTTP program right now.
  5. Alex You can't make post's like that and not include pix's.
  6. This is one of the projects that I like to do. I see all kinds of problems in the pix's from the link. Besides the obvious corrosion. The wiring is shot. This is due to using automotive connectors that are open to the elements. Open ended connectors will get corosion in them. Heat shrink needs to have the glue in it. NO wire nuts! They are very subseptiable [sp?] to vibration and belong in a house, not a boat or car. Oh yes I'm anial about this.
  7. I lost what Richard was saying about "I entered NIS options"? What's that?
  8. Frank I use Norton System Works and Firewall. I think it;s simple and easy. I use Internet Exployer only to come to this forum. I get red X's no matter what I use on your icons all the time.
  9. I don't buy anything that has properitory software. Most of the above mentioned name brands mentioned have it. That's all beside my point and the point I want to make is DO Not get caught up in the Free AOL that you payed for when buying one of thosed computers. AOL is Crap and teach's people the wrong way to use a computer. Get her a dial up service and install Netscape on the computer for her. I use a Eudura email software. It's simple and easy. AOL makes everything so hard. I know people that have had AOL for over 2yrs and still can't open a pix sent to them by email.
  10. News flash. Dark colors show more flaws. This is a GREAT pix.
  11. QUOTE: The nice thing about building a boat for yourself is that you're the final judge as to what's good enough. For me, just the thought of all that sanding urges a "working finish This is very true. Building the boat is half the battle. The other half is working to perfection in all the fairing and painting. Most all of you know what your boat's look like in person and on film. IE Pix's of them. Most of us only know what your boat looks like in the pix's. Funny thing about pix's. Either the pix's don't do the boat justice or they hide a lot. Now if you can see the flaws in the pix's, ah you need to work on it some more. I've seen a few. Paint it Black and it will tell on you in a Heart Beat. It's right or it isn't. Black is by no means for everyone, But it will show a Perfect hull or not. But then I'm a perfectionist.
  12. QUOTE: Had to replace the bearings , switch, brushes and sanding pad. You too. I have on that the bearings locked up in. No time to fix. Down to the store and bought another one to finish the project.
  13. Yep we catch them some out of Pensacola Pass. I don't eat 'em. I turn 'em loose.
  14. I use a DA sander [RO sander] to go over the glass work with 80gt. Then the primer goes on, then a guide coat. No machine after that. It's all hand blocked with diffrent size blocks to fit the area.
  15. Want your boat Stright? Don't touch it with a RO sander! Use a long board and hand sand. If it's gonn'a be Black IT Better be Stright. I've worked in aut body shops for about 15yrs.
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