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What to do with excess reef lines

Steve W

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I went with the simple reef setup on Skeena, my Core Sound 20.3. I love this boat so much and pan on sailing her a lot this year. I single hand her a lot and when reefing, I struggle with what to do with the excess reef line. I've had a few instances where the excess line has snagged or jammed. I want to get it secured and speed is of the essence. While these ketch rigs offer the advantage of drifting backwards with the mizzen sheeted tight and the blades up while tidying things up, you are drifting backwards! 


I will also add that due to the cabin, when the boat is healed it's not prudent to try and deal with this issue like you could in an open boat. 


What's your solution? 

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I use wrap-it super stretch velcro straps.  https://wrapitstorage.com/collections/super-stretch

I take one wrap around the boom and through the eyelet and then the second wrap captures the coil. Sometimes it can be a bit fiddly to capture the flying line, but for the most part I can do it with one hand holding the boom and the other hand wrapping the coil. I use them on both mizzen and main booms.

With this setup, I can singlehanded take in a reef in both sails in a few minutes. My sequence is usually some thing like this:
* heave-to and reef the main (mizzen tight, tiller hard over)

* come back into the wind and fix the tiller to a close haul (I use a tiller-clutch)

* reef the mizzen


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