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Fuel Consumption/Propellers


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Ken that's just too cool. You surely defied the odds while creating a fine craft to enjoy for years.  Egbert I have  not had to create any trip tracks or tried to do it.  Hopefully the trip on the bay region will also be mostly poking around in the creeks and tributaries and done on the fly, where its not really needed. .

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Hi Guys- I installed the SOLAS RUBEX 4 - 13.25x13 yesterday. I was hoping for better results. The engine RPM’s were higher for the same speed and it didn’t seem as smooth. It must be a bit undersized since I get a WOT RPM of 6100 which is over the high end of 6,000 for the engine specs. Speeds are lower and fuel consumption is not much different. It does seem like there is a slight improvement in stern lift. 

Not sure is I should consider the 3 blade the best fit, keep the RUBEX for a spare and move on or try something else.

All speeds and distances are in knots and nautical mpg. To lazy to do the conversions today....



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Looks like I will stick with a 3 blade.  Thanks for the comparison.

It is always good to have a spare with you.  You have more rocks than we do here in the Chesapeake Bay.  Mostly plain mud.



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