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CS20.3 - Hanging Knees / Correct Hull Shape

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I could use a suggestion for correcting a small air gap between BH2 and the hull, and then a bigger one between the forward hanging knee and the hull panel.


I'm at the step in the instructions, after glassing the keel, where it says to temporarily fit the hanging knees to set the width of the hull to the final shape.  I did this and found some air gaps between the hanging knees and the hull.  My first attempt to fix this (pushing on the hull from the outside) did not work out the way I had hoped.


The hull seems to be wide enough at the top (by the temporary battens), but where the chine is between the first strake and the second strake, it bends out further than expected by the bulkhead and the hanging knees.  The gap by the bulkhead isn't very big and (perhaps) is within tolerances already?  But the one by the hanging knee seems big enough to be "wrong" and that's the part that I'm not sure how to fix.





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Just in case, I would double check the overall width of the hanging knees and make sure they aren't bowing under the squeezing pressure of the temporary batten. I see you have a spring clamp on there but I can easily see it slowly creeping and then your width being out. Double check width, re-clamp wit a stronger c-clamp then see how the fit is.   I suspect it will be tight and want to push the temporary gunwale outward and the gap will be resolved. The fact that one of the hanging knees cracked also supports this hunch. Let us know if that helps!


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