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Core Sound 20 Mk. 3 #22 - Essex Fells, NJ


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Its hard to see in those snaps, but I beefed up the starboard-side rear transom with a big chunk of plywood to accept a motor mount.  My plan is to use this one from Duckworks: https://duckworks.com/removable-outboard-motor-bracket/. I ordered it a month or so ago and they've said that its coming... eventually but that their supplier is behind schedule.  I don't really have a plan B yet...  I really like this one: https://www.spartanmarine.com/all-products/compete-outboard-motor-mount but it is kind of pricey and also not sure if/how that would clear the transom stiffener.


I went back and forth on painting the lockers and inside and eventually did it out of personal preference and also because I wanted it to be in the same condition as painting prepped regardless (e.g. smooth, clean, etc.); and once I did all that work slapping the paint on was really quick :)



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