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To build or to cruise?


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I’ve had a great time building the Betsy Lee, a Bluejacket 28. I have also enjoyed cruising, and have found the boat to be a comfortable and capable cruiser for two.  But I’m discovering I like building even better than cruising. I really want to start another build, but can’t justify keeping two boats. I’m keeping the Betsy Lee in a slip, and storing the trailer off-site - just don’t have the room to keep the boat or trailer at the house. So, I’m considering selling Betsy Lee. Looking for suggestions or advice. I’m a terrible salesperson and am not looking to make money selling the boat. I figure conservatively that I have over $40,000 invested in the boat and trailer.  The survey came up with a market value of $55,000, but he admitted the price point of a custom boat is not a precise figure. Everything I wanted to do has been completed on the boat and it all works fine. I’d be satisfied with $25,000 for the boat and trailer. Sound reasonable?


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   I'm working on one boat while sailing another and I don't seem to find enough tome for either but I'm having fun with life.  Once the big boat project is finished we'll put the little boat in the back yard and sail the big one long enough to decide which one we really want (the little boat is a LOT of fun to sail but the big boat will be better to camp in).  We'll sell the one we like least.  My best guess is that it's 50/50 which boat we'll end up keeping.

   I have had a bunch of conversations with people who own larger, more comfortable boats and when I tell them I'm sailing a Red Witch they mist up a little and say "Ohhh... I used to have one of those!"

   So we're hedging our bets by keeping one boat while fixing another one up but then again, every day I sail the Red Witch is a day I don't work on the new boat.  If you're confident enough that the new boat will be better than the old boat you'll probably accelerate the build by selling the old one first.  After all, only a crazy person (me) would try to maintain one boat while building another.

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Don’t ask me. There is a literal STACK of boats other side of the garop. That don’t include the 4 on trailers, nor the two leaning against the wall out front for casual use by droppers by. (I got a few friends what fish, and I leave a few wee ones out front, for quick pickup fishing trips...)


That said, if I had 25k I’d snatch that beautiful boat up in one heartbeat! You did a very fine job. Someone is going to get a sweet boat.


What’s the next boat, by the by? I stick to wee little ones, so they stack easily. :)




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