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Builders in Michigan

Don Silsbe

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PeterP:  I don’t know Gordy.  Would you mind touching base with him, or letting me know how to?


Tiger:  True.  They even have roads, although they’re badly chuckholed from many freeze/thaw cycles.  


At the moment, it is a Spindrift.  But she’s not going to start until after the messabout.  

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Don, not a slight at Michigan. A fact. Someone in the southeast corner of the state from me is 7-8 hours, and I live nearly in the middle of the state.


Barring snow, Michigan ain’t that much driving, is all.


My friend is near Ann Arbor, by the by, and happy to advise, which I’m sure is what’s wanted more than actual help, right? 


Let me know when she’s at it, and we can connect them.




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I do not think that Gordy will be able to be much of a help. I did indeed visit him last summer, he is on Drummond Island which is as far as you can go north east and still be in Michigan. In fact I circumnavigated the island in Carlita and crossed into Canadian waters to do it.


He would have to catch the ferry, drive several hours to get to the Mackinac Bridge and then drive half a day or more to get to Ann Arbor.

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