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Boom Tents on CS Mk 1's and BRS

Don Silsbe

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I’m working on a boom tent for this year’s coastal cruising adventures. I’m using the blue tarp to chase down some concepts, and to use for a sewing pattern. I have some treated nylon for the final product. A separate fly will cover the bow.  This first iteration is in keeping with the way I’ve rigged the entire boat— the KISS method. I have plans to make a little sun/rain fly for aft of the mizzen. But if it is nasty, and I just want a sleep shelter, I wanted something quick and easy (like the women I never dated).  John Bell shared an interesting fact.  He said that when he had a similar design, the boat wanted to sail off her anchor.  The solution was a tent that went clear to the stern.  I'm glad I heard of this before committing my nylon to the sewing machine!  As a solution, do you think a white poly tarp trysail lashed to the mizzen might solve the problem?  I would love to see photos of others' tents.  



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Hi Don, our CS20.3 sails all over the place when we rig the “Breeze Booster” in the forward hatch.  Snatches and jerks all around.  Moving it to the main hatch, life is good.......hotter but gooder!  Interested to see how a boom tent effects Local Honey. 



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Yes, Jay, it was good to know.  John Bell’s observation made sense, but I didn’t wNt to change my design, based on one data point.  (So shoot me for being a retired engineer!). Your experience was the validation I was looking for.  Thank you, and thanks to John Bell, too!


Steve W— I’m going to think about a V-shaped “trysail”.  Wrapping it around the mizzen, above where I’ve lashed the main’s sprit, and leading back to the U-bolts mounted on the transom on both sides.  Might look weird, though.  Stay tuned...

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Before I modified my CLC PocketShip "Tattoo" as a gaff-rigged yawl, I tried to quiet her sailing about her anchor with a jury-rigged sail on a topping lift belayed to the gallows.  It had an area of about 16 sqft.  Didn't help at all!


i haven't yet been at anchor with "Chrssie," but hope she will hold steady with her mizzen tight on the centerline.  I could experiment with various reefing arrangements.

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