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toilet bowl cleaner to clean hull


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Toilet bowl cleaner usually has abrasives in it, which works fine on porcelain, but not so much on gelcoat or paint. To address stains, figure out what it is and use a cleaner intended for that material. Most general surface cleaners, like 409 do a pretty good job. Stubborn stuff that chemicals don't get all of, can usually be buffed out. Once it's clean, use a good bit of wax to protect the surface, so stains are less likely to sink into the coatings.

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See related image detailI got some of this stuff from my marina, spray it on the stain, when the stain is gone just rinse.

It cleaned up black and gray stains I couldn't get off our Islander with the pressure washer, quickly and Easy. I had tried simple green, Clorox cleanup, 409, greased lightning among other thing without luck.  That's a fiberglass boat don't know if it's safe for painted surfaces. Wish I had this stuff to clean the epoxy bottom paint on my Belhaven. It was painted with interlux VC and stained real easy.

I don't put much faith in magic cleaners, or earth friendly products but this stuff works and really easy.


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On 10/25/2017 at 9:14 AM, Tom Lathrop said:

Dollar General sells a toilet bowl cleaner called "The Works" for a dollar or so that must be a close match to the expensive stuff that boating places sell.  There are no abrasives and it works well on auto wheel covers as well.


I kept my Macgregor 19 in the Saint Johns river for a week.  When I pulled it out it the bottom was stained brown.


I just applied the Works with a spong and rinsed.  Took it right off.  A local recommended it.

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