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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with your P22. I have mostly been day sailing mine. I did enjoy a weekend at Cedar Key FL with the West Coast Trailer sailors. In the near future I hope to spend more time on the boat. Regards, Niels
  2. Can you share with us some of the adventures you have had on the boat? What kind of waves have you been in? What kind of swim ladder did you use? I need to add one.
  3. It's great to hear from another P22 owner. The rear centerboard cap leak has plagued more then one owner. The builder of my boat put a hatch in the floor. Fortunately the trunk on my P22 has not leaked. Kinda makes me wonder if that part of the cap should just be permanently bonded from the get go. Or if the centerboard could be make shorter and end at the bulkhead. Hard to know if it would hurt it much upwind. Personally I like daggerboards. An easier system to build and maintain. In addition it has less drag then a centerboard. In the early years of windsurfing you could really feel the drag the open well cause. Did you glass your keel? And what did you use to bed the lead?
  4. Chick, did you ever do any long sails on Princess?
  5. You are correct the sprint is low and not long enough to flatten the sail as needed. Especially under full main. I agreed the keel coming loose would be a bad thing.
  6. There is plenty of room to add height without any worry of falling out. The sprint is no pulling the main at the bottom and not the in mid to upper part of the sail. Looking at other B&B boats the sprint is usually at more of an angle. Mine is almost flat. Yeah my concern is later if I need to repair the keel it will be a pain to remove the lead. The lead is held on to the boat with bolts. Yes, the builder could of glassed it all together. But it's something to make a builder aware of. It looks like chick and maybe others omitted the little step. It's a great design and now that there are some built and sailing it's good to evolve it to resolve potential issues for further builders. Are you the builder of Pilgram?
  7. I hope everyone is finding the time to get out and enjoy their boats. My sprits on my P22 are short and I need to lengthen them or make new ones. I have some old 1 pice windsurfing mast laying arounf that I could use to make new ones. Do you think they would work for the purpose? To make them stiffer I may even add a layer of glass to them. Thanks for the help
  8. I have a Princess 22 and love it. I wonder how many have been completed? It sails wonderful and is very easy to rig. With the 400lbs of ballast and hard chines the boat will take a puff heal a little and keep on moving. The really well in the chop that I have been on in the St. Johns river, Cedar key and Indian river FL. The cockpit is nice but the seats could be higher... I'm 6'. The sprits will need to be longer and raised higher then what the plans say. Once you have your sails you can get a better idea where the eyes need to be on the mast. Mine still need to be raised. The cabin is nice and roomy. When I find the time I plan on changing the stock interior setup. Going to make it a v birth in the front and a pipe berth on one side. Make sure you use butyle or dolphinite between the lead and wood keel. You may want to change the cockpit sides front step or what ever it is. It has been a source of a leak and rot on my boat. How far along is your boat? Regards, Niels
  9. The builder used epoxy. Maybe the lamination was to dry. And not glassing the end grain allowed the wood to swell.
  10. Some of the glass has delaminated off my main tabernacle. I suspect the screw holes and end grain not being glassed may be the culprit. The wood surface still seems to have a little bit of epoxy coating it. My plane is to sand and reapply glass. Should the edges be grounded more so I can glass the end grain?
  11. I kept my Macgregor 19 in the Saint Johns river for a week. When I pulled it out it the bottom was stained brown. I just applied the Works with a spong and rinsed. Took it right off. A local recommended it.
  12. Hello, I"m interested in your boat if it is still available. Contact is sailzafu@yahoo.com Niels
  13. Hi Russ, Send me a message with your email address so we can work out a deal. Niels
  14. I have some core sounds 17 plans for sale. I decided it would not be the right boat for me and would like a boat with a cabin. Plans are $50 shipping included. $25 off the retail price. Thanks, Niels
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