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  1. The builder used epoxy. Maybe the lamination was to dry. And not glassing the end grain allowed the wood to swell.
  2. Some of the glass has delaminated off my main tabernacle. I suspect the screw holes and end grain not being glassed may be the culprit. The wood surface still seems to have a little bit of epoxy coating it. My plane is to sand and reapply glass. Should the edges be grounded more so I can glass the end grain?
  3. I kept my Macgregor 19 in the Saint Johns river for a week. When I pulled it out it the bottom was stained brown. I just applied the Works with a spong and rinsed. Took it right off. A local recommended it.
  4. Hello, I"m interested in your boat if it is still available. Contact is sailzafu@yahoo.com Niels
  5. Hi Russ, Send me a message with your email address so we can work out a deal. Niels
  6. I have some core sounds 17 plans for sale. I decided it would not be the right boat for me and would like a boat with a cabin. Plans are $50 shipping included. $25 off the retail price. Thanks, Niels
  7. Wow thats a good deal and service. The 3.5 is a nice engine. Do they have any more left? The PDF on the Suzuki 2.5 list the N-F. Also I have checked it out at the dealer. The web specs did not list it for some reason.
  8. Hey Wes, I would take a look at the Suzuki 2.5. It is water cooled, had N-F and only weighs 30lbs and has an aluminum prop. The Honda 2 will move a CS20 just fine. It moved my Seaward fox and Peep Hen just fine. Did not consider the air temp to be such a issue since it does have forced air cooling. in the summer I use 30w or 15-40 in my air cooled engines. Niels
  9. I should be there with my Peep Hen on Friday. It works out well for be since Cedar Key is only a few hours away. I hear what you mean about keeping trips to a minimum Oyster. Unfortunately it does not look like it will get any better. See you all there, Niels
  10. There are some good polypropylene lines for sailing. They are mostly used on cats a small boats for sheets since they do not absorb water and will float. I have one on my Holder 12 and it works well. For the most part you wants to use low stretch on the halyards and make sure you use the right size for the block. Otherwise it can make getting the sail down difficult. My Peep hen had 3/8 and should of been 5/16 max. I lucked out West marine was closing out the Marlow 1/4 line and the sail comes down easy now. Check out michael Storers article on rigging the Goat island skiff. Fair Leads, Niels
  11. Hi Brent, The Florida Bay Peep Hen I sail has a cut down transom for the short shaft motors and does not seem to be a issue from what I hear from other owners. Here in the salt water the brackets can erode away down here. Whats the transom height on the 20? I have a Honda 2 long shaft, clutch model and it works well for be since I day sail mostly. On longer trips a water cooled engine would be nicer. The 2 has moved the Peep Hen and the Seaward Fox I had pretty well. On the Fox i also had a 5hp and it certainly had more thrust then the 2. The Tohatsu/Nissan 3.5 looks to be a nice engine. And is 10lbs lighter then the 5. Suzuki has a 2.5 weighing just 30 pounds. May be another option. Fair winds, Niels
  12. Hello Wes, I have a Honda 2 long shaft, while it can be noisy at higher throttle setting it serves me very well and no water pump to worry about. I lucked out and found it on Craigs list in like new condition. The nice thing is it has a centrifugal clutch which makes starting and docking easier on the nerves. Here in Jacksonville theres always a current to deal with in the river and the inter-costal. I do have a Johnson 3.3 and it runs well, but has no neutral. Since I have not used it much I can't report on the noise level. Fair Leads, Niels
  13. Wes, I used the VC performance epoxy on my Beneteau F210 rudders. The boat was kept on a mooring on lake Anderson and never had a problem. Any growth was cleaned off easy. I do reccomend you spray it on so you can get the right thickness and smoother. I rolled it on and it dryed kind of fast for that. Once it hardens it can be sanded real smooth. Do you still have your other sailboat? Niels
  14. I have a Honda 2hp with the clutch and long shaft. It moves the Peep real well. Most of the noise is from the carb since the cowling has to have vents for the cooling air. One nice thing is there is no water pump impeller to maintain. I have seen them used on Ebay for arounf $500. One thing I have noticed is the oil level sight does does read well unless the engine is running. The engine does start easy and runs well. For once it's nice to have a like new engine that I did not have to rebuild the carb. Niels
  15. There should be several there. They are certainly boats of a different breed. For me I wanted a boat I could take all over FL and other coasts. I miss sailing a larger sloop and flying a spinnaker though. For now I'll just settle for crewing on such boats. See you there, Niels
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