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Hello All,

I am struggling with paint concerns....any and all opinions, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. (CS17 #339)

Planned to paint entire boat with 545 followed by Awlgrip Snow White. After seeing the gloss of this paint (under forward seats etc. that have been painted) became concerned about glare.

Now considering painting cockpit Ice Blue. Specific questions:


1) Should I be this concerned about glare....anyone run into this problem (glare) with their white paint on decks/cockpit?

2) If a less reflective paint is indicated...how should I do this? e.g., Should I just paint the cockpit the off color or the cockpit as well as the deck? Would a two tone boat look weird with only the rubrail separating the contrasting colors? Finally thoughts on painting cockpit blue, rest of boat white with large areas of nonskid on the deck painted blue?

3) Any other color suggestions/combinations that others have found particularly good looking?

4) Would a flattening agent work for this problem? Does a flattening agent affect the durability/ability to maintain the paint?


thanks very much,


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Hey Will-  my thoughts...FWIW...


1.  Yes

2.  Whatever you like for a color scheme works.  I tend to lean towards not too stark contrasts, for example, my big boat has white decks, and a light gray non skid.  Other thing to consider is the darker the color on areas that you sit/stand on, the warmer they become.  May not be an issue where you are.

3.  Such a personal choice...  I tend to lean towards the classic combos, but that is just my taste-  I tend not to like red or yellow boats, but man there a few really nice looking 17's in red and yellow.  Great thing about paint is, if you decide you don't like the scheme, you can always change it.

4.  Flattening agents can work well-  I have used with Awlgrip and don't think it changed the properties as long as you stay within their guidelines for amount.  Do make sure that it is completely mixed in to avoid any streakiness.



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Hi Will--I have a yellow CS17. It was built in Hawaii and from what I hear that is a common color over there. I am repainting right now but I am leaving it yellow. It's got a black stripe and lettering that I might change. Maybe red. Maybe green.  At first I wasn't sure about the yellow but I like it now for a couple of reasons: 


1) It is easy to see. 

2) I don't know if it's the color, that it's wood, or what, but I meet a lot of people who want to come see it at the launch, which is kind of fun. 


Mine is white inside and the glare can definitely be a thing (my kids say so any way). But I keep a pair of sunglasses for all aboard and this solves it. The glare on from the white is no worse than the glare from the water on those bright days. But I like white because it is easy to see sand, dirt, etc and keep clean. 


Others on here have far more experience than I do though. 

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