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  1. Bob, thanks for this, and all your other fascinating posts.
  2. Hey hey! Very nice, and congratulations. Now go get her dirty!
  3. Ken, regarding the rubrails, here's how I did mine: 1) finished and painted the hull first 2) painted the rubrails (different color) before installing 3) glued (Gorilla glue) the lower rail in place, with screws behind, not easy 4) caulked with a tinted caulk to keep water from getting under the rail and perhaps into the screw holes. I used a water based caulk which was easy to work in and wipe neatly with a wet rag. 5) upper rail, I thought should be less permanent since it's the one that takes abuse. The lower rail may never touch anything. I prepainted the deck and the rail, then s
  4. I bought an old fashioned bronze garboard drain plug that has a threaded plug. I have put off installing it, hate to drill that big hole :shock: , but will do so soon. I'll epoxy the exposed wood grain inside the hole, then set the thing in 5200. I like the solidity of it. There's no way for it to accidently come out.
  5. Definitely finish the hull first, and be sure to bend the chain plates to the correct angles, as in the plans, so they point towards the tip of the mast. I highly recommend the dead eyes, too! They are so quick to adjust, which you have to do every time you raise/lower the mast, and look great, too. Much easier than turnbuckles.
  6. Yes! Paint everything you can as soon as you can on the interior. It's much harder to get to later. :cry: Looking good!
  7. Way to go, BJ, and good news, the cockpit is the hardest part!
  8. Hi Laura, and welcome. I have a Weekender, and I sure do like the looks of the Skipjack, too. I look forward to seeing your work as it progresses.
  9. High C


    Hi, Phil! Welcome.
  10. Thanks, Dave, and welcome to this nifty little spot on the WWW. 8)
  11. Thanks Frank. You're doing a fine job.
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