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  1. 'eyrster' was just down your way, what coast I cannot recall. He spotted a number of local types. Send him an email.
  2. Mike, the boat carpenter 'round the corner has only 7 or more ply Joubert ply as to the woods used....I haven't a clue. Nice stuff as I look at it though. And it all has that Blue Label as shown in the URL of the post above.
  3. :?: Mike, jes' for the hell of it, I went and looked at the Joubert that Shane uses. It has a different sticker on it and all the thicknesses from approx. 3/8 t0 3/4 inch are the multiple 7 or more ply. Sticker is two tone blue no yellow in it at all.
  4. eyrster, that is a sweet image. PS: ya sure ya din't pose the young lad fer it. :wink:
  5. 'zat a Yates American J-Line machine?
  6. :wink: I'm working on 'eyrster' to set up an album of his disassembly, pattern making and new build of the Simmons which I will glady host on my PictureTrail site. Remember folks for 'eyrster', this is a labour of love, so our patience is needed.
  7. :wink: 'eyster' is documenting the dismantling and building of a new Simmons SeaSkiff based on the parts. He carefully dismantled the boat in the photos and traced the parts on pattern stock. The next step, when he has time amongst his other gazzilion projects, is to use the templates to build a new Simmons. ACES, or so say I.
  8. Just how big an area are we talking about here? When you say Mahagony what kind are you referring to? I wouldn't use that Philippine stuff as it is a collection of different varieties of a Cedar, not very sturdy for continued walking on, IMOOP. 'nuther way to do it....really the old way. :wink: Instead of epoxiee, wasn't borned yet. We would screw each join from underneath! Mitred corners were fastened with slip dovetails. Verrah Verrah tedious work usually done by one fellow who specialzied it making 'em.
  9. TEAK is left bare for good traction. Haven't had one fail....yet? I cannot see putting a finish other than say a coat or two of Dalys SeaFin Teak Oil on a grate anything more than that and you negate the 'footing factor' of bare Teak.
  10. Teak Grate making is not rocket science tho a bit on the tedious side. Lots o'Ripping and Dadoing. Making a good fitting template or pattern out of 3/8ths inch MDF and layout the border pieces then fill in the actual grate strip locations. 1 inch finished thickness stock is fine. The border pieces should be spline mitered. Googe( gasp ) especially formulated for Teak, you're on your way.
  11. Holey Moley, will ya look at the size of that centerboard trunk in the New Haven Sharpie photo that 'eyrster' posted?!?!
  12. Usual Caveat: These are my own personal opinions... Resorcinol is a 2 part glue, one part powder, one part liquid. It is best used in some type of enclosed environment. Marinette Marine and Peterson Builders in Wisconsin, USA used it extensively in the building of wooden mine sweepers in the early 1950's in the fabrication of White Oak laminated frames. The glue takes a goodly amount of clamping pressure and proper temperature to set up. It got a bit of a bad reputation when it first became available to the general boat building world. Folks did not take the time to read the instructions fully or just didn't read them at all. A number of significant failures happened with White Oak in particular. Weldwood Plastic Resin is a creme coloured powder mixed with water to a creamy consistency. It requires a temp above 65 or so F. degrees and HIGH clamping pressure. White PVA should never be used except for light household repairs or temporary items. It is not waterproof and it creeps under load. So called 'carpenters glue' is a variation of the original formula modified to improve some of the poor working qualities of white PVA. Mr.S. is doing an emperical testing of some newer adhesives mentioned in at least one thread over on the WB Forums but, the results will not be available until sometime in December. I have used both Resorcinal and Plastic Resin with success in both boat building and out door furniture making. I am quite sure I mentioned here in a previous post on glue, some out door furniture I made out of Redwood for The Sonoma Cheese Factory have been in continous use for over 30 years in Sonoma, California, 7/24/365 using Weldwood Plastic Resin Glue. There are a number of more modern adhesives that I have used in small quantities but, I do not feel qualified to speak yea or nay about them.
  13. I know Pat personally and can without hesitation vouch for his honesty and commitment to producing a fine tool or accessory for router use. To the best of my knowledge the DW 621 has been made in a number of locations, Switzerland, Italy, England, and lately China. Under those circumstances it is not too difficult to understand how a base could be off.
  14. Semper Paratus Cape May, New Jersey Recruit Company P-42, 1958
  15. Motor LifeBoat School, Cape Disappointment. http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g-o/nmlbs/index.html
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