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  1. THANK YOU, and again a very nice build.
  2. I have just finished the rest of the build and completed my first paddle. What I felt would be a problem while assembling the frame turned out to be one for me. When I lock in on my other Kudzu SOFs (Short Shot and Shad), my knees push into the fabric next to the combing while on the Vardo they hit the beams. I've search the forum for solutions and perhaps missed my solution. I would like to keep my knees as high as possible (reason for the Vardo build) as Shad put too much pressure on my back. Thick foam may be the only solution other than cutting the beams back (not good or practical). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I ended up terminated the beams in front of 8'2" and drilling a hole in the beam end and bracket as shone on attachments. Once I secured the combing the ends laid up against and under the combing and made a nice transition for the fabric. I can still tie the two together if I feel it necessary and still add the brace.
  4. Very nice build. Thanks for the explanation and photos. I remember looking over your post and being very impressed.. My plans have the bow beam under the laminated beam rather than on top which would lower the front of the combing marginally. It looks to me that you have lashed the deck beams to the top of bracket 8'2". Jeff has Combing Support Brackets to be located at 8'2" but I believe I read that the support bracket were for the plywood coming and were not necessary for the laminated ones somewhere in the forum. I have a Shad that I feel could use that extra support when entering and exiting which has a laminated combing so I feel it would be a nice addition if practical. I saw one build where it appears the deck beams may be lashed to the side of 8'2" which would pull the beams down a little more under the combing and probably have room for the supports which would probably work out. I do not want to over think this but I do not want to find I have an issue after the skin is on. Thanks again for your help and any other comments would be appreciated.
  5. I have search the forum regarding the termination of the deck beams under the combing on a laminated beam Vardo. I have seen them terminated at the beam, lashed at frame 8.2 and apparently left hanging. Please comment on what seems to be the best way to handle these. Thanks
  6. Haven't been on the post for a while but am getting ready to build another sof so I thought I would catch up. I built a shad last year shortly after the 9 oz came out and skinned with it. It did sew on very nicely. The few wrinkles ironed out nicely. I applied Varathane oil based sparurthane by Rust-Oleum. I experienced similar results with this product as with the Zar, more so where i has used heat to shrink the fabric, but some on the non-heated fabric. Reheating the fabric did not give lasting results. Anyone experiencing issues with oil based porch paints? Have not seen any mention of that.
  7. Thanks again for the information on the bow and stern. I have come across another issue I would like some guidance on. My instructions say to cut the Floor Boards 6-3/8" by 35" long. It appears these are to be installed between 6'11" and 8'7" pretty much flush with the ends of the frames about 21" on my frame. This seems to be how they are on what I can find on the forum. Please let me know the correct length. Thanks
  8. Anyone with experience with this fabric yet?
  9. How would you recommend sewing this fabric (running stitch or double corded)?
  10. I guess I need to reopen this post as what I thought I resolved doesn't work. If this plan calls for a tab and slot method for bow and stern assembly, frame 2.0 and 15.7 do not have slots, but it appears the stern and bow are designed to go through slots. The brackets for 2.0 and 15.7 block the stringer slots when the frames are put in place also. There is a possibility I could fit the stern but the bow assembly to me does not look possible. Would someone shed some light on this. Thanks
  11. Ha guys, after looking at it after I made his post, I think I figured it out. Would like to withdraw this post.
  12. I have started assembly on my Shad sof after receiving plans last week. I cannot see how frame 2.0 will attach to the stern or frame 15.7 will attach to the bow. These frames appear to be undersized. Is there something I am looking at wrong or misunderstanding?
  13. Have not been on the forum for a while and was following the possible development of the laminated beam for the shad. I build the short shot as my first sof and want to build the Shad next but was waiting on the laminated beam. Wondering why the change not to pursue it? Thanks
  14. It has been a while, thought i would check to see where we were on this
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