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  1. On with the urethane goop. Much nicer to work with than the varnish I used last time. I tried some on a piece of scrap first and it looks like it is compatible with the skin.
  2. This is a SOF product https://shop.skinboats.com/2-part-Urethane-System_c5.htm
  3. I am going to coat the doubble with clear 2 part polyurethane. The skin got a little grubby in places during the skinning process: is it all right to wash it with a mild detergent before coating it?
  4. I was a bit worried about some wrinkles in the skin but they came out easily with a light iron.
  5. I'm installing a rudder. I put the control lines through while skinning.
  6. I stapled the bow and then welded the seam using the side of the hot knife attachment on my soldering iron.
  7. I used a stitch I found in a building journal by George Dyson. It is very similar to the doubble corded stitch but without the chords. I had to place the stitches much closer together and they mirror on each side. It took about 3 times as long as the doubble corded stitch I used on Curlew.
  8. Here is a pic of the coaming as per the plans. Is this a better option than the wrc laminated coaming? https://images.app.goo.gl/5S7YbDi9pYANkzjx6
  9. Now I've got to work out how I'm going to attach a rudder and a sailing rig I've got.
  10. Made coamings from the remaing wrc. The plans call for a ply coaming that slopes with the deckline. I'm still deciding what to use.
  11. Bow and stern added. Split the end of the last stringer I was lashing to the stern. Stuck in back together with some epoxy and lashing. Hope its ok.
  12. Cut frames and positioned on strong back. I only used 2 fixed stations.
  13. I been working on a double. Its not a Kudzu design but I am using all the techniques I learnt building curlew and supplies from Jeff. Here are some FROG pics.
  14. I just built 2 coamings for my doubble out of my left over wrc. They seem ok. I did have some trouble with the tightest radius curve and am still debating going back to a plywood coaming that sopes with the deck.
  15. It is pretty good. Cape Cleveland blocks the prevailing south -easterly and Magnetic Island is about 4km off shore to the east. There is the odd salt water crock though.
  16. Sea trials this morning. Cleveland Bay, Townsville.
  17. When I got back from paddling and started packing up this bloke came up the river paddling a sea kayak with a hand made Greenland paddle, he pulled up and started asking about my kayak which he recognised as a Kudzu craft. Then his mates turned up: they turned out to be the local Kayaking club and they invited me to join!
  18. I finished rigging my boat this morning and took her down to the Ross River in Townsville. She paddles well. I couldn't remove the grin from my face! Final mass 17kg. Frame: marine ply. Stringers: Queensland Maple. Finish: marine varnish.
  19. Poured a bucket of water in there yesterday. Little bit of weeping in 3 places and a leak in one of the bow stiches. I'll paint her a couple more times.
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