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  1. Looks cool! Nice work. That first blend of ones body to boat is something not to forget.
  2. I did see it come into my Facebook feed. I feel like a celebrity. Thanks for sharing Jeff.
  3. Thanks all for the positive comments to my build. I really like this canoe now that I have been on the water a few times. As I have said before, it is Jeff with his designs that gives us the path to a completed boat. We would be lost without his guidance. Greg
  4. My Stonefly hit the water this weekend. The good news is I did not get wet, except for my feet. The craft at first was a bit tender for my experience, but I soon settled in. I like it!! Exactly what I hoped for. A canoe I can pull with my bike and take my dog Dolly. It all came together. I also want to give 5 stars to the 6 oz premium fabric Jeff sells. Takes some effort to pull it wrinkle free, but once you are there this stuff is smooth and drum tight. 4 coats of Rustoleum, and leak free. Good paddling to all, Greg
  5. I have never paddled a kayak. It looks like a great experience. Something you wear on water. The skin on frame really appears to amplify the sense vs. plastic. I have my heart set on sailing for my next build, but see a kayak in my future too.
  6. Good to hear the support for the Greenland paddle. I will move forward and carve one for myself. At this time I plan no expeditions. Just excited to experience my first boat build.
  7. Thanks for the kind comments. Pictures can hide many sins. As I said previously this has been a great project. I am really into mountain biking. My vision is to pull this canoe behind my bike with my dog Dolly and explore some Wisconsin wetlands, which we have plenty of. I will update the reality with pictures should this become my reality. God Bless the USA, Greg
  8. I could not resist sharing the traditional FROG photos of my ready to cover Stonefly Canoe. I have really enjoyed this project. Jeff, at Kudzu Craft has provided a great design as well as great customer service!! I scored big time when I found a fully curled Maple 8' 1 x 4 at Menards. My plan is to go with a simple clear coat varnish for sealing the polyester. I would like a slight amber tint so thinking using polyurethane might get me that. Is it best to go "Gloss" or "Semi-Gloss" ? I would appreciate your input. Wishing all here a safe and happy 4th of July, Greg
  9. Just went to a specialty timber supplier here in Duluth, MN and they had a perfect 8 foot quarter sawed, cedar 2 X 4 in the rough. $26.00 out the door. So the heck with the kayak paddle, I am going to carve a Greenland paddle. Savings $150.00. Experience??? Priceless.
  10. Hello All, I am ready to skin my Kudzucraft Stone fly build. I am thinking that I will build a Greenland type paddle in the future, but wanting to get a double paddle to go now. Can anyone suggest a paddle length? I am thinking 260mm. I am 6 ft, and have my seat lowered to 4 inches from the keel.
  11. Very good informative piece Jeff. A great addition to your tutorial videos. I will be using the 6 oz premium for my Stonefly build.
  12. Thank you so much. That make perfect sense. I am getting so much information out of this forum. It is a really great resource.
  13. Hello All, I am new to this Forum. I have plans to build the "Stonefly" canoe. I have a general question about the placement of the 1/2 inch plywwood frames. So, if the plans say the placement is at 2' 0", does this mean that the center line of the frame is 2' 0" , or would this be the position of the brackets ? I have tried to find the answer to this in Jeff's plans and building manual. , as well as this forum, but have yet to have my question resolved. Thank you in advance for the answer.
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