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  1. It is pretty good. Cape Cleveland blocks the prevailing south -easterly and Magnetic Island is about 4km off shore to the east. There is the odd salt water crock though.
  2. Sea trials this morning. Cleveland Bay, Townsville.
  3. When I got back from paddling and started packing up this bloke came up the river paddling a sea kayak with a hand made Greenland paddle, he pulled up and started asking about my kayak which he recognised as a Kudzu craft. Then his mates turned up: they turned out to be the local Kayaking club and they invited me to join!
  4. I finished rigging my boat this morning and took her down to the Ross River in Townsville. She paddles well. I couldn't remove the grin from my face! Final mass 17kg. Frame: marine ply. Stringers: Queensland Maple. Finish: marine varnish.
  5. Poured a bucket of water in there yesterday. Little bit of weeping in 3 places and a leak in one of the bow stiches. I'll paint her a couple more times.
  6. I've tried to add them another way. Hope you can see them now. Its a fresh water crocodile.
  7. Looks great! I was at this stage Monday afternoon, 3 days of drying paint later and I'm itching to put my boat into the Pacific. See your launch photos soon
  8. Took the pirogue out waiting for the varnish to dry. Saw this guy on the bank.
  9. skinned and varnished. Skin was tight after stitching and ironing but seems to have relaxed a little after varnishing.
  10. I know some one has asked about this before but I can't seem to find the post. What caulk do Australians use for these boats. I'm planning on painting my skin with spar varnish but all the clear caulk options I can find seem to only take water based paints.
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