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  1. I am nearing the point where I will start sew in on the polyester covering on my longshot. I was wondering what the opinions were on the choice of thread. I have a large supply of artificial sinew, and thank you to whomever recommended purchasing two rolls for us rookies. I also read that braided fishing line is good to use. I was wondering the thoughts of the group. Thanks
  2. Thank you. As a dad I've built a lot of things on Christmas eve only to discover that the bike won't turn because I had that piece in the bag at the end of the build. Didn't want that problem in the middle of the lake this spring. Also, thank you for designing these boats to be fun, worry free, and a blast to build. Each step is more fun than the last one. I know it's a business, but you have made this an easy experience for a lot of folks who end up with a handcrafted keepsake at the end of the build. Thanks Jeff.
  3. I'm having a lot of fun making my longshot. I am stuck on the side deck rails. I can't find a place to put them. I have a done a sizable bit of research online looking at frames. I included a few pictures that show where they may go. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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