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  1. Thanks! I taped off sections of the kayak and sponge painted almond and brown Rustoleum. The stitches are black sharpie. I saw on one of Kudzu's pages how the coaming could be cut with thigh braces. I sat on the floor, put the paper template around me, and sized it right up. It really works well with the thigh braces. Love how you've worn spots on your kayak. The thigh braces are a bit high, but they do work. Happy paddling!
  2. This is going to be hard. I can't cut all these boards out! Cutting boards is fun! I can't lash this thing together! Lashing is a blast! How am I going to cover this? Skinning is a blast! How am I ever going to paint this? Painting it the best! This was a great way to spend a cold winter. I have always wanted to do this and the forum, especially Jeff Kudzu and Hirilonde made it easy. The project had creativity and allowed for changes. Following the book, videos, and forum it came together better than I had expected. I took it out today and it was amazing! To sit in a craft I made in the middle of a lake on a quiet March day was breathtaking. From start to end it was a fun journey. My thanks to the forum for ideas and insight. Thank you and happy paddling!
  3. I had a BLAST making my Longshot. I tried to replicate the native seal skin and stitching of the Greenland style of kayak. The longshot rides so smooth I love the design. It was a fun winter project. I started after Christmas and slowly made my way through the project. I expected some leaking but it held tight, not a drop. I paddled for an hour with a big smile on my face. Thank you forum and Jeff for a FUN project that I'm super proud of
  4. Thanks! I knocked out the first coat with thinner. Went on like a dream. Second and third layer were smooth. Thanks for the Youtube videos and forum help. The longshot is using quite a bit of paint due to its size. I am managing to keep the weave in sight and not filling the weave. Thanks for the help and quick answers.
  5. I'm down to the last of my kayak! I'm using Rust-Oleum Oil based enamel to paint it. The paint is going on like sweatpants after supper. My question is how many layers should I put on and is there a way to check if it will float before I go out to the lake? On a side note, if you ever feel like you'd want to an entire store to think you are off your paddle, walk into a Sherwin WIlliams store and ask to buy oil based paint for a polyester kayak. They were amused to say the least. They wouldn't sell me any paint and I left with my tail between my legs! Walked across the road to Lowes, kept my mouth shut and left with paint.
  6. Is it possible to use my leftover western red cedar to build a laminated coaming? I have the first round of cedar on the template and it made a lot of noise as I heated, sprayed with water, and bent the cedar around the form. Not sure if I can find maple to make one like Jeff recommended in the video on Youtube.
  7. I am nearing the point where I will start sew in on the polyester covering on my longshot. I was wondering what the opinions were on the choice of thread. I have a large supply of artificial sinew, and thank you to whomever recommended purchasing two rolls for us rookies. I also read that braided fishing line is good to use. I was wondering the thoughts of the group. Thanks
  8. Thank you. As a dad I've built a lot of things on Christmas eve only to discover that the bike won't turn because I had that piece in the bag at the end of the build. Didn't want that problem in the middle of the lake this spring. Also, thank you for designing these boats to be fun, worry free, and a blast to build. Each step is more fun than the last one. I know it's a business, but you have made this an easy experience for a lot of folks who end up with a handcrafted keepsake at the end of the build. Thanks Jeff.
  9. I'm having a lot of fun making my longshot. I am stuck on the side deck rails. I can't find a place to put them. I have a done a sizable bit of research online looking at frames. I included a few pictures that show where they may go. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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