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  1. Here is Marissa overlaid on my old fiberglass production rolled-gunwale skiff, which is similar to a BW Montauk 17: With the jump seats in the back, it could do sandbar trips with ~6 people. Has had power from 35 to 115 over the years. Other than the casting deck flare they are nearly identical in plan view. And here's an overlay with the Bateau.com PG20, a narrow panga-style skiff, which has a similar running surface to Marissa:
  2. Thanks Graham for the image and thorough response. My overlay is actually a Rhino sketch too.
  3. Hi all, I have a nearly new Suzuki 30 4s, 20" with T&T, and I also have a small aluminum trailer. What I'm missing is the right boat for them. Among a few designs I think the Marissa would fit the bill well. The "right boat" to me is the largest, versatile, v-bottom open skiff that will plane with 4 people and my engine. A few questions: -Is there a plan view line drawing anywhere? I'd like to overlay a few designs (and compare to my old boat) for how the interior lays out. -Interior & layout pics are few on the website. It appears there is a small step-up casting deck at the bow, and a full height bulkhead with access holes in the stern ahead of the motorwell. Short of having the plan view, can anyone provide the spacing for these on the hull? How far forward of the transom is the bulkhead, then from there to the console, length of console, and from front of console to the forward deck? -Are the forward deck, console, and bulkhead with cut-outs included pre-cut in the kit? -What is the hatch or access to the forward storage area? -Where does the fuel tank live? -Can the kit be ordered without the console or forward deck cut from the sheet? -Has anyone built alternative layouts...tiller, side console ,benches, seating options, etc? Images? I've seen the thread here from Lotus and like the flip-up rear bench. Appreciate your input! Matt
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