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  1. rswenson

    Belhaven or CS 20 Mk 3

    Don't settle for the boat you can build; build the boat that you want. You'll be glad you did. I'm in over my head on a princess 26 and am loving it. Ron
  2. rswenson

    3/4" PLYWOOD V. 5/8"

    Thanks men. I won't be using the 3/4" plywood. Using 3/8" glued up with 1/4" sounds very easier and more reasonable. Then I had another thought. Can I use 1/2" ply on the bottom without compromising the structural integrity of the boat? I could sheath the bottom with 1708 bi-axial mat or some other heavy fabric. Any thoughts? Thanks! Ron
  3. rswenson

    3/4" PLYWOOD V. 5/8"

    General question. I'm building a Princess 26, Hull #25. The plans call for 5/8" plywood for the bottom. My local supplier, Macbeath Hardwoods, only carries 3/4" marine ply. If I make the substitution, will there be enough bend in the wood? I would then use 1/4" ply (three layers) for the curved section through the bow. Do you think I can make this work?
  4. rswenson

    Princess Auxiliary Power

    Lots of useful information and good ideas. I am thinking that you can use the tilt function of the out board by cutting a slot in the transom to accommodate the forward tilt of the motor. This provides an opportunity to move the motor a littler further aft if desired, and freeing up some additional room in the cockpit. This would require using twin rudders, which I don't think complicates things too much. Just a thought.
  5. rswenson

    Princess 26

    Howard, Have you made any progress on your build. I've been dying to know how your bow turned out. This is the boat I want to build. I have really enjoyed following your progress and would like to see more. Thanks, Ron.
  6. rswenson

    Princess 26

    It looks to me like Wayne used a chine log to make the last two feet more manageable. This appears to me to be the most challenging piece of epoxy/wood magic I have seen so far. Very nicely done.

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