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  1. Looking great!!! Thank you for continuing with picture updates, very much appreciated!
  2. Looking great Chris, thanks for posting
  3. Thank you so much for posting pics for us!
  4. That is the biggest red snapper I have ever seen, much less caught! Orange Beach, Alabama. Had I have bought a $5 ticket for the fishing rodeo that day it would have paid over $13k.......
  5. Thank you for the pics Chris!
  6. SWEET!!!! Please keep us posted! Btw....we love pictures!
  7. Looks great thank you for posting pictures!
  8. I am way more likely to go out on my inland lake on a rainy, misty, nasty day than I am to go out into rough weather in the GOM....
  9. Ok I ended up seeing a handful of charter boats sloped forward, I think they are all locally built boats possibly Resmondo's. Still not a single boat under say....40' or so with forward sloping, seems like it would help with heat gain, glare and spray. Input please.
  10. Been in orange beach Alabama most of the week and have not seen a single forward sloped windshield on a pilothouse boat....is that a NW thing only?
  11. I think I'm gonna need more clamps.....
  12. Sweet thank you so much Graham! Any rough idea on when that will become available?
  13. Beam on that revised cape lookout?
  14. Gonna put single engine?
  15. I've never said this on a forum before because I didn't want to be laughed offline, but here goes. I have often wondered why you couldn't build a rigid frame for an automotive windshield and build your pilothouse to match that shape attaching the windshield assembly via some clever latches holding it snug against a curb of some nature thus any boat structure flex or stress wouldn't shatter the glass... And when weather is nice take glass out. Wife even inquired if I could do A/C....anytime you can get the wife comfy I think you are WAY down the road! This is similar if not exactly what tiger is saying, I been thinking/dreaming about it for years..... @ Oyster I think every part possible on the PH should be foam cored provided that it will end up being lighter than its ply core counterpart. I'm sure I have left something out. Once again thanks to all for giving quality input.
  16. Flybridge is not wanted or needed! But the rest is excellent! Looks like approx 7-8' of cockpit left? And thank you very much Mr. Alan!!
  17. I have no doubt what you say is correct, surely a happy medium could be found? I have narrowed my choices down to the 256 by b&b or a 28' "great Alaska" which is very similar to a tolman even though it is by a different designer. If the pilothouse will work on the 256 I am certain Graham's design will be much better suited for the northern Gulf of Mexico.
  18. Has anybody posed the question of could the 256 cuddy cabin be fit with a pilot house and twin outboards to possibly offset some of the extra weight forward? The designer and I have passed a few messages back and forth in the past about what I was wanting prior to this design being released and the closest thing he had was a 28'x10' commercial type hull. The 256 with PH may be what I want/need......shop still not built so it's not urgent that I get answers. Thanks to all that document their builds, maybe I can do the same someday.
  19. Next time you need a hand holler at me, I'm 4 miles east of Springdale!
  20. That's sounds like something I need to look at further Graham! Please share more specs, pics, etc at your convenience. Would it also be suitable for outboard installation as I have an I/O right now and I just can't mentally get over the big hole in the transom. I would def be interested in ordering this set of plans. Thanks so much for your valuable time! Eric aka Farmboy
  21. This is kinda my starting point. This is a Mirage 32 center pilothouse. Thinking the pilothouse could be around the size of a full size crew cab truck cab( like my Chevy 2500hd for example) No frills fishing boat for the northern gulf out to say 60 miles offshore on a day with excellent weather and calm seas (rare but does happen). Cruising speeds from 16-30 a high top end wot is not important. Boat could also see winter time duty on local lake doing eagle watching tours and stripper(striper?) yes I know one is a fish and the other is........not. Twin engine. Large live well. Length 28-32??? Beam ????? Less than 10' would be nice for trailering. This is my starting point. Thanks to all.
  22. There isn't a plan offered that fits my needs. How do we go about visiting with Graham as I'm sure he has something that will work already drawn? Email or does he prefer to use this forum? Thanks so much!
  23. I recently visited a friends shop and he has used transparent panels instead of steel or aluminum panels on his overhead doors....talk about lots of natural light in the evening as they face west.....if it weren't for snoopy neighbors or would be thieves this would be ideal! Currently have an interested party for my families first house we have been stuck with since the housing bubble burst, if that house sells it will be full speed ahead on the shop! Have changed direction on heat source. Am now going with a pellet stove, and will try a few solar heaters of my own design at a later date. Also have acquired a large window type heat pump that will be great for keeping humidity somewhat stable at crucial times of the year and knock the edge of during the hottest part of the summer. Have also re read this thread and will start looking really hard at lighting.
  24. Been a while, currently buying lumber & materials while the price is down!
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