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  1. Youre almost there. The hard parts are done. Can't wait til spring to see the t-top installed, performance numbers and on the water photos.
  2. Keep up the good work as it is looking good.
  3. treywil I too am from Chesapeake. Would love to stop by meet you and check out your build.
  4. Jerry, Great job. Your craftsmanship is suburb. Motivation to finish this boat should be your granddaughters. I told my grandson that I was going to build him Grahams Jessy but decided to rehab a 15 foot Star Craft....What a job.
  5. I pm'd you a bill of material list for the OK 20. Carla will email you the list for the24 along with a B & B price list if you ask her..
  6. Congrats on the splash. Let us know some performance numbers.
  7. Well at least you can fish! Hopefully?
  8. I would talk to Graham. There was a post on here awhile back where the guy finished off the interior and it looked really good. It might have even been a link to a facebook page. Boat is looking good.
  9. Jerry is everything alright. How's the build coming?
  10. Great question. I just learned something also.
  11. Ah the Hobie 16. First boat and my first finance at 18 years old back in the late seventies. Loved racing it. Always dreamed of the Worrell 1000 but never did it. Sorry about hijacking the thread but you brought back great memories and I couldn't resist.
  12. Marissa 18 eco build goes to Europe is a really good thread. Don't know how to attach the thread here.
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