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  1. Hi Miyot; The boat is looking fantastic and it looks like she's running quite well with the yamie 150. I'm trying to calculate the material costs for the Outerbanks 24. The needed supplies should be pretty much the same. Would you mind helping me out a bit ? Regards, Albert Jr.
  2. She's looking beautiful. I would love to do one with my dad. Thankyou for sharing your build with us.
  3. A buddy of mine is considering to let me build a boat for him. I immediately referred to the Outerbanks 24 and he seems to be really interested. I'm trying to calculate costs for building the hull only right now.. Does anyone here have a copy of the supplies list (wood, epoxy, fiberglass, paint etc) ? Is it possible to purchase only the supplies list from the website ? Regards, Albert Jr.
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