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  1. Greg We're on the same page. That's basicly what the drawing abv. is. I just wasn't sure if that was a butt joint or not. The normal drip edge on a door also has siding over it which provides a counter flashing of sort, with T1-11 you don't have that luxury. If you can get the drip edge back past the face of the T1-11, idealy like you're upper joint with a vertical leg, you're 2 steps up. It is a pain to make the extra cut, but just think of the T1-11 behind the head casing as a spacer. Good rule of thumb for all flashing details: If you can make the water run uphill 1" or more before it gets inside. It probably wont leak, but....
  2. Greg Here's a detail for the top of the doors in the gable endwall. It looks like there is a T1-11 joint +/- 5" above the doors to insert the drip edge. If not a 1/4" deep sawcut would suffice but not work as well. Note how the hem is bent up so it wedges tightly into the joint. For the small amount of effort, this would add considerable life to the doors and jamb casings.
  3. Hey Guys It's been awhile since I posted here but I have been keeping abreast of the builds. Nice job Capt Jake on the restore! and Greg how did that Loster boat for the class finally turn out? Here is a fun little Box-Kite project I did with a friend of mines kids, they loved it and I'm sure yours would too! I used 36"x 1/4" oak dowels with clear tubing to hold the 16" long spreaders to the verticals and 1'x4' mylar drafting film for the sails. Here are some sites for more designs. Have fun! 8) http://www.inquiry.net/outdoor/spring/kites/index.htm http://www.kckiteclub.org/DaveEllis/boxkite.htm
  4. Pipefitter said Right on the mark! Buy the plans of the boat you "think" you want, study them, buy all the correctly scaled Bass or Balsa wood & have some fun. Here's one book that may help. http://www.instantboats.com/dmb.htm And a thread from the B&B forum here: http://www.messing-about.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4374&start=0 Good luck & post photos of your progress!
  5. Joe, I just measured a hollow carbon fiber one (arrowshaft) that I have; 1/4" dia. top x 11/32" dia. bottom x 32" long.
  6. Darrell Go to the bottom of the page. http://www.instantboats.com/books.htm
  7. Deepy Joe Scrounge up a cervo!... and head to the closet for some sail material...
  8. lbrewer This is an admirable gesture for the little guys. One thought; how about you finish the outside all ship-shapey.... then turn them loose on the inside below the gunwales? Good Luck 8)
  9. Catfish Here's a link: http://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/Wood-Screw-Diameter.aspx So you're #4-40 would be a 7/64" shank dia. with 40 threads per inch, the(-40). So I've seen Blues & Channels, but never any "Ze"s
  10. Thanks Mike for pointing that out! Sorry Frank I didn't realize you were linked to the Big "A" or I would have been doing purchases thru here. I'll edit the original post.
  11. I may be mistaken, but I think the link at his site is the only source? The book is definately worth the $. If you do order from (OYB) ask for a complimentary copy of "Out Your Backdoor" magizine. 8) Mr. White has one really good story of building in Puerto Rico in the book.Very similar to the Haitian article in the recent WB.
  12. "How To Build A Tin Canoe" Confessions of an old salt Robb White Very enjoyable read! Double click the store tab above and type in Tin Canoe in the Amazon search space. If you want to visit his site; http://www.robbwhite.com/ All you west coasties and PNW'ners give yourself a treat and learn about the southern Gulf coast & all you Southerners it'll be like Momma's home cook'in
  13. That would be great. I've been using MicroStation for about 7 yrs. now, judging by the website SU would be a great addition. Thanks
  14. Ingenious Dave...and a PHD in creativity as well I see... :wink: A+ I'm going to look into that software. http://www.sketchup.com/ You guys continue to amaze me!
  15. Surprisingly dry and comfortable for such a small hull. We ran at of Orange Bch (Wolf Bay) into the Gulf thru some rough chop. Yes they are proud of them $$. The strake thickness changes may be more than just fairing!
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