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  1. Tim, it's very sad to say good bye to Annie M but you'll be happy for sure with the new boat. I'll hope to read soon some news about a novel construction (a dinghy?). I'm going to cut the keel of Mezz'acqua as she doesn't tack at all! Could you send me some last data regarding the measure of the new keel bow to stern? Bye Roberto
  2. Hi Folk would like to purchase a catboat model from woodenboat store. Anyone can tel me if it would be possible to realize a full size boat basing on the model itself. If yes how. Are there any books on this topic? Bye to all of you
  3. rdbass


    Hi Greg, I've posted some photos of my Weekender "Mezz'acqua" in "My gallery". I'll send pics of the boat under way as soon as possible. Bye Roberto :wink:
  4. rdbass


    I'd like to try a centerboard on my weekender Mezz'acqua since it has some difficulties in turning upwind, particularly with rough sea. Could someone send me the plans or any other useful information so to realize and properly install it ?
  5. Maybe not this rig but on my weekender Mezz'acqua i put a masthead and a topsail: see it on "my gallery" ! Bye Roberto
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