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  1. Chris That book on Glen-L's website "Rigging Small Sailboats" is perfect. And best of all it's free. It covers most everything. I Know there is much more to rigging than that, but for me it's exactly what I need Thank you Darrell Thanks to every one who answered my cry for help. I'll be back for more - no doubt
  2. Does anyone know of a book of rigging types and options for a 10' sailing dinghy? a book or booklet with pictures would be very helpfull. Thanks Darrell
  3. Thanks for responding Ken i'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your response,I've been so busy I'm going nuts. The dinghy is of fibreglass construction and is 10' overall in lenth and has a 4' Beam, the mast is mounted forward about 3/4 up from the stern. It has 1 main sail and is not set-up for a jib. The shape of the hull is very radiused from the keel up to the top of the free board. I have never had this boat in the water but the shape of the hull looks like it will respond very rapidly. If you need more specific information I will provide it. I really appreciate your help. Darrell
  4. I have 12' sailing dinghy with no dagger board and no rudder and I need to construct both. Can anyone give me a clue on how deep the dagger board and the rudder should be below the water line? Darrell
  5. Thank for the input. And thanks Berry for the basics that is the info I really need Darrell
  6. When using Epoxy adhesive an the manufacturer (Glen L Marine Design )says the mixing ratio is 1 to 1, does that say anything about the quality of the adhesive? Darrell
  7. I had planned to stain the mast with a Mahogany colored stain. Would I use sanding dust from a piece of wood that would be close to the color of stain? Darrell
  8. Charlie Thanks for being patient. Now I'm confused, is wood flower a thicking agent or a procedural term? Thanks for the bicycle tube tip, I am a general contractor and I would have clamped the heck out of it. Darrell
  9. Charlie Pardon me for asking a dumb question but you say "apply epoxy first and then thicken it with woodflour". The mast I'm glueing is a small, the rough demention is 2 pices 1x3 glued together to make a 2"x 3" x 14' mast. Are you saying apply epoxy to each side of the wood and then before joining the two pices of wood together you mix in wood flour? I've seen wood flour in the stores but I don't have a clue what it is. This is all new to me. Thanks Darrell
  10. I recently aquired a 12 sailing dinghy. Needs new wood most every where. The hull is fibreglass. The Mast is wood and has delaninated and is badly warped. My question is what ratio would of resin to hardner would you use to glue-up a new mast. I'm useing VG Douglas Fir.
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