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  1. Thanks for the websites, Par you have mail. How do you convert say a 1/8" or 1/4" bolt to #4-40 or what ever, I know its prolly something simple but I can't seem to find out. Thanks Terry
  2. Theboat is about 1978 model. Original Equip had a sail drive. Its now missing. I don't know the old girl is worth the expense of a mast. I have a second boat a Watkins 23 that suffered a collision with a Camaro a few years back. The mast is ok, but its only a 23' mast. I've thought about swapping it to the Sundance and rerigging her for the W23 sails. Worst thing is being in Arkansas theres NO place reasonableto buy anything. Can't even find stainless bolts. I do need a chain plate does anyone have a supplier that doesn't rip you off like West Marine? They get $38 for a small chain plate. I'd really like to get her in the water this summer. Par I'd be interested in getting the mast fixed if I could get it shipped for a reasonable price. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  3. Hi all, I'm new here and my name is Terry. I have an old Sundance 23, El Mar Boat company. The mast is damaged and I'm looking into switching it from macaroni rig to gaff rig. I'm looking for ideas. and a few answers. First off, can a deck stepped mast be used in a gaff rig? Does the mast need to be as tall? How tall would you want on a Gaff rig on a 23' boat with 1200lb balast? I 27.6 J 9.4 P 23.6 E 8.4 ISP 27.6 JSP 9.4 the mast was bent when I got the boat. Its bent about 8 or 9 feet up from the foot. I think its a 26' mast. If I cut it off at about 16' to get above the kinked section it would be awfully short for a 23' boat. I have sraightened the mast but it is dimpled on both sides now, I thought about driving an oak timber inside to reinforce the area. This is why I was looking at Gaff rig since it doesn't load the mast like a macaroni rig. Thanks for any tips and suggestions. Terry
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