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  1. The tool s no better than the operator or the device it is driving ( drill bit saw blade or what) It all comes down to how comfortable you are with the tool .
  2. I was planning on using a 3 hp light weight Johnson on my boat but I have a compression problem so I my have to reinvest ina different motor . I can not afford a new one so I am going onthe hunt wrong time of year to look for one. I may be able toget a Suzuki 6 hp but it is heavy (2 cycle) fo a reasonable price but I wonder about weight thanksk
  3. You are welcome. Waiting on kids to help me turn over and put on trailer never ends
  4. I have used some sanding disk called autonet. made by mirka they are a open net type made in Germany I used them when we were painting at a power plant. They far outlasted 3-M and all the others we were sanding and priming the side of a gas fired boiler. When they loaded up just pull them off shake them put them back on and go. they are 6 inch rather pricey about $50.00 for a box of 50 We got them from a auto paint supply company that supplied the PPG paint we used 80 grit really cuts the rust and it will cut your boat if not carefull. I used 320 when I got ready to do the paint on the bottom
  5. GRAHAM So what is the cost for enouph for a cs-17 with the slides need to start rat holiong a little so as to get some this fall less freight McDermitt
  6. Doc did you use the side deck pieces that came in the kit. I was thinking of building a cab from the inside of the deck pieces and going up about 24 inches on the back end going down to about 12 inches at the bow end more less following the line of the deck pieces this is the first boat think I have tried I was not worried about sitting room but being able to spread out if it rained or sleeping I was thinking of going all the way to the front bulkhead I do not know if it would work or not. was going to tie the side to the inter edge of the piece running aong the side the deck fastened onto and putting a couple gussrts along the way and just a thin plywood top. Mcdermitt
  7. Mr Bell I have wondered about a cabin since starting on the boat. I have ask Graham several times about it. He said that you had to be real carful about balance and so forth ( do not unber stand that) but any way. I have gone to home depot and gotten sheets of cardboard that comes on the top of plywood. They just crush it. I have also gotten foam board where I could mark on it and cut it with a knife. I am going to build a cabin of some sort ion my boatthat is why I cut the front bulkhead down to level of seat and added another closer to the bow. My boat is upside down now and have painted the hull and going to put the ss keel strip on next few days and then turn it back over. I have added a lot of weight I think just in excess epoxy paint and that stuff. Have to wait till kids and grand kids will help me turn it. I have gone ahead and fitted the stern like you did but have not put any deck pieces on as yet Mcdermitt
  8. I wonder what those that told him he had the wrong boat for the feel now I guess they have no experience with B&B GOOD FOR YOU YOU DID MORE THAN A LOT
  9. is there a way we can follow you on your trip with spot Good luck
  10. I am fast approaching the decking of my cs-17 I lack painting the floor and sides of the trunk. The decking material has all been varnished and fitted. So I want to start working on the combing. What is the preferred material. I have some 4 inch wide yellow pine that is pretty striated grained It is reouph sawn but I can get it planned to any thickness I guess If I get ti planned do I need to soak it in water for a while I want toput it in water before decking and doing the rigging and all that look for leaks and mark water line then paint the bottom since the bottom is just covered with allgrip 545 primmer Thanks Floyd McDermitt Carrollton, Ga
  11. what seems to be wrong with the core 17 in this race or event. It looks as if it does well in the everglade chalange it would at least do well in that event Let us know how it turns out
  12. you have the name of some of the companies that sell the thin washers
  13. I hate to see you bail out. The first time I was in a sail boat was at the mess about last year. I just sat in the boat as the others did there thing my time is coming. I look forward to getting it in the water then the next adventure starts.you have been a great inspiration with all your post when I have a question a lot of times I go back and read your post before I move on. You did a great job my wife says will your boat be as pretty as his I say no. Do not leave us if you sell her
  14. learning maybe I can get it any help
  15. working on another pic bear with me I will learn old dogs do not learn new tricks easy
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