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  1. Hello Jeff: Would a hardwood coming ring that I made for a longshot work for a curlew or short shot? Thanks, CJH
  2. Great fun launching our Tadpole today. This little kayak should be a joy to the family for years to come. Thank’s for the plans Jeff.
  3. I finished up a Tadpole that I’ve been building for my great nieces and nephews. It was such a fun project. It came together much faster than the Long Shots. I can’t wait to paddle with the kids. Thanks for the plans Jeff.
  4. Here are some photos of my Long Beach Long Shot family. I am now working on a Tadpole for the kids. I love these skin-on-frame kayaks.
  5. Jeff: I never claimed to be creative. Thanks for the inspiration!
  6. I finished my third Long Shot last weekend just in time for summer.
  7. I enjoyed building my Long Shot so much that I convinced my brother to buy the materials so I could build one for him. Now we get to paddle together. I started building on June 12, 2017 and finished it on September 03, 2017. The first photo is my brother, Robert, taking delivery of his blue Long Shot. I have also added photos of my two Long Shot sisters. Please don't ask me to donate the labor to build one for you. It's quite a commitment. CJH.
  8. Hello Kudzu Craft Forum. On my Long Shot I rounded over the bow and stitched up the fabric per the manual. I would like to build another kayak and think bronze rub strips would be a great feature. Would you provide some pointers on installation of bronze rub strips? Would you suggest some sources for bronze rub strips? I am thinking the process would be: Do not round over the bow where the rub strip goes. Just sand the edges. Drill holes for the rub strips prior to skinning. Attach skin in the area of the rub strip with monel staples. Paint/Waterproof. Use hot nail to put a hole in the painted fabric to reveal pre-drilled holes. Apply Lexal Caulk to holes and under rub strip. Screw in rub strip. Clean up caulk. Thank you. CJH
  9. Yes I am. I will be taking this to Alamitos Bay, Long Beach.
  10. I finished my Long Shot project on Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to get to the water. I truly enjoyed building this kayak. It may not be perfect but I am pretty sure that it will float right side up. Thank you for the plans, manual and support.
  11. My Long Shot frame is all lashed up. Can't wait for the fabric to come.
  12. I am getting close to finishing my Long Shot frame. It is 18' long. How much fabric should I order? I was thinking 20'.
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