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  1. You know, I did do some rounding on it, but since I am light on tools for that sort of thing it could probably have been a lot rounder. For future projects some kind of router with roundover bit and a grinder would save time and compensate for my lack of patience and lack of free time for endless sanding and filing to get a much rounder effect overall. It turns out to be pretty important. Incidentally it seems like a more v bottom shape like Ravenswood would be a bit less vulnerable to this kind of damage. There's just less hard edges available for things to rub on below. On the other ha
  2. On my fourth trip out in the new kayak, I was out at sunset. I had carefully considered the currents, tides, and prevailing winds and selected my put in spot accordingly. It was beautiful and the boat performed well. I spent a little while messing around some waves and getting a feel for how the boat handled them at various angles. Eventually, I headed down the shore, doing some exploring as the sun went down. I know the area well from hiking on the shore, but lighting conditions made it hard to see down into the water ahead of me, and I became a little nervous. I was just about
  3. I finished painting it a couple weeks ago, and wanted to try it out and make sure it was watertight before I finished rigging it. I also only had a day left before leaving for a week long business trip, and was feeling impatient. And it was sunny. So, I took it down to Eagle Cove which is shallow and sandy and was protected from the light northerly winds we had that day. I was pleased with what I experienced in the limited time I had, staying close to shore. When I got back, I finished rigging it up with life lines all the way around and a bungee on the front deck and
  4. Here is the Short Shot I am building out in Friday Harbor, WA. It has taken a while. When I started, I had no woodworking tools at all and almost no experience. Now, I have the beginnings of a respectable collection. Acquiring tools and learning to use them has obviously added to my cost and time, but learning to do this stuff is a major reason I decided to do this in the first place, so I am content. Here on the island, what I could get my hands on was MDO for the frames (ugly, but seems to work fine), and Western Red Cedar for stringers. I was lucky enough to find some full length
  5. On my frame I have written 7'10, which puts it 22 inches from the previous frame 6', and 8 inches behind the next frame 8'6". I imagine I copied the 7'10" from the pattern, which I can't find at the moment. Since the seat slats are 26" long, the 22 inches gives a couple inches overhang for the slats on either end, which makes sense. BUT... In the back of the manual, the frame is listed as at 7'1" for the Short Shot (and in the drawing, is shown in that position). This would make the seat 13" long, and who knows what to do with the extra slat length. My gut said 7'10" is correc
  6. Hi all, I am building a short shot, and I intend to finish the frame with some danish teak oil before skinning. However, the climate I live in is cool and moist enough that I have some concern about mold forming inside the boat over time-- especially during the winter time. I will definitely be using it often, including in cold weather, so it may be damp on the inside on a regular basis in cool conditions, which is a recipe for mold. I have read that the folks over at Sea Wolf in Seattle spray a borax solution over their frame and let it dry before applying oil to thei
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