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  1. I'm glad I bought a set when I did; I did wonder a bit how they would be profitable to make, they are very good quality for a pretty good price.
  2. I used Varathane Spar Urethane, oil based. 2 coats so far. I bought a can of satin and semi-gloss, couldn't tell any difference on test fabric so I just mixed them together.
  3. Finally ready to put in the water. Probably North Branch Chicago River (saving Lake Michigan for later after successful sea trials).
  4. I'm thinking of doing a clear/translucent finish on my boat too (I have the premium fabric). Would marine spar varnish be flexible enough?
  5. Thanks, Andy. I think I'm going to go hatchless, partially because I never used the hatches on my other kayak while on the water and because sticking a big piece of rubber on this beautiful wood thing seems a bit vulgar. (I'm a bit hesitant to screw my footrests in, I might try to lash them somehow to keep the "no metal" fetish going (although the footrests are aluminum (rabbit hole warning sign!))). I actually thought about covering with canvas. A friend gave me some clear unobtainium cedar that his father bought 40 years ago to built a canoe and as far as the plywood goes, well there is some
  6. I just got some beautiful flotation bags and a rubber hatch from Kudzu Craft; however I think I am faced with decision and could use some input: The bags take up pretty much all the empty space in the boat. This is good for not sinking but maybe not good for storing stuff below deck. I think these might be my choices: 1) No hatch, always use bags 2) Hatch in front or rear, take bags out when storage is needed. I'm thinking my boat use in rough water with just be for a few hours at a time locally with other people around, no food or camping gear needed but the bags would come in handy
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