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  1. How do you like that seat? Have you paddled it with and without the seat, is there much difference in felt stability?
  2. That's what I thought. I just wanted to verify. Thank you.
  3. 4 questions... I see elsewhere in the forum there are comments about the offsets for the Stonefly frames. It appears to me that the formatting error applies to only a certain edition of the book? I have the 2011 edition. In my edition the Stonefly offsets are on pages 68 and 69. Are the frame offsets correct in this edition? On page 69 are "stonefly offsets". Do these offsets represent the lines of the gunwales as viewed from above? There are only X and Y coordinates. They appear to be the front and rear half of the boat. How do I draft the stems for the bo
  4. We mainly paddle in small streams and rivers. We live on the Mississippi but try and avoid it other than maybe sneaking out along the edge to access some of the nearby sloughs. Thanks for your help!
  5. I very well could have gotten designs mixed up. I've looked at several. How will it do with my 120 pound wife?
  6. I want to build my wife a Stonefly canoe, but I would like to paddle it also occasionally. In looking at the plans in Jeff's book at at the description online it says the design is for a max 200 pound paddler. I am about 240 lbs. My wife is about 120 lbs. My question is can I scale the Stonefly up so we can both use it? I dont necessarily want to build two canoes right now as we wont have any storage room for 2. My wife has a 10 ft plastic kayak she paddles, but she is phobic about having her feet inside. I figure a solo double paddle canoe will be a better option for her versus the kayak. I r
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