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  1. My old computer finally bit the dust and wouldn't startup anymore. I bought a new one and downloaded "Hulls" again but it won't open. Some nonsense about and ".ocs" file that isn't properly registered. I salvaged my previously downloaded version from my old hard drive but the new computer won't open it either. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I hope there is a workaround but I'm not sure where to look for it.
  2. This was a challenging, but fun nonetheless, project. It was my first stab at a traditionally built, riveted clinker boat. I built it for my brand new grandson who is now 2 weeks old in Port Hueneme, CA so I have to hurry up and ship it. specs are as follows: planking is 3/16" cedar keel is 5/4 white oak with a small piece of palo santo inset to insure good luck for the passenger transom and wales are purpleheart copper rivet fasteners on the planking with brass screws at the stem and transom
  3. http://www.mstapleton.com/white/
  4. Handy dandy thickness planer and thickness sander for the same project
  5. I built a spindrift a few years ago and found that it helps to start with the wires rather loose and tighten them in very small increments working from one end of the boat to the other and then repeating until things get snugged up correctly. You can then usually see a misalignment in time to correct it by tightening or loosening the appropriate wire as needed. Its easy to get in a little bit of a hurry at that point because you're anxious to see the flat panels turn into a boat.
  6. Hey everyone. I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd share a tool idea that helped me out cutting the gains on a lap strake cradle boat that I'm building for my soon to be first grandson. I've had to fuss a bit with cutting the progressively deeper rabbets, or gains, at the stem and transom on the few clinker projects I've tackled. On this one, the 3/16" soft cedar planking wasn't very forgiving of any wobble in the chisel while freehanding the cut. After boogering up a couple of planks I figured something with an edge guide of sorts would be helpful. I don't have a rabbet plane because normally use a router for that task. Except for cutting gains. The handle is made from some 1.5 inch white oak stock I had in the shop. The plane iron is 1 5/8" so that gives a 1/16th protrusion outside the plane body which works out for a nice clean edge cut. The iron is just fastened with a couple of stainless screws onto the 35 degree cut on the leading end of the plane. The edge guide screwed to the bottom is 5/8" wide, allowing a 1/2" cut on either side which is what I wanted for the 1/2" gains on this build. Changing the width of the edge guide would allow different width gains as appropriate. "Gain plane" in action. It actually works pretty well at making nice clean cuts and I haven't damaged any more strakes with a chisel slip.
  7. lbrewer

    Hey Steve Day

    I stopped by Bayou Lumber today. They have "AB" marine fir: 3/8" @ $45 1/2"@ $56 3/4"@ $75. Closest he could get with 1/4" was AC exterior fir. They don't stock any hardwood marine ply, although he said he would look into ordering it for a custom order. OHC (Overseas Hardwood Co.) imports a lot of different hardwoods including several mahoganies. Their market is mostly railcar / trailer floors and industrial applications, and they wouldn't or couldn't sell in less than truckload quantities. An exception was "ipe" which they sell on the internet for decks. Everlasting Hardwoods is their internet entity. OHC has both an office and warehouse in Mobile. I am on a quest to find decent boat wood locally. If I have any luck I'll post it.
  8. lbrewer

    Hey Steve Day

    I was told the other day that Bayou Lumber in Bayou La Batre handles marine fir. I'll try to confirm
  9. I might be able to help finding a trailer. I know a guy who was looking to sell a galvanized trailer in the 20 ft range the other day. I'll try to get some more info. Also have a solid aluminum one that held a 21 ft cuddy. I was going to modify it for my bluejacket project, but that's on hold again. Larry
  10. Its looking great Steve. I'm sorry I haven't checked in for a while....life keeps interfering with the important stuff. Is there a projected launch date yet?
  11. You may have seen this before, but it might help. http://bateau2.com/howto/inboard.php
  12. Ray, I have to confess to being a little cloudy on what's going on with the forum issue, but in any case, I'd like you to know I have valued your input here over the years. I appreciate the willingness you've shown to share your experience so freely. The economy stinks in the bottom half of the US too. My business has a construction project going at the moment, but nothing to follow. With the 47+ inches of rain we've had since I started in late September, I'm not getting much done on the job I've got.
  13. I am glad you arrived safely. I had hoped you were already back before the weather kicked up (again).
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