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  1. Jeff, I found this : http://www.stevproj.com/CapnPlyWkndrMods.html It could be an answer for some of your questions... Hoping this will help, Guy.
  2. FYI : It is just impossible from now to order plans or DVDs, as Stevenson Projects is still unreachable. Even Shannon Stevenson cannot help because she does not work for Stevenson Projects anymore. BTW : very, very, very and very frustrating :-( ATB, Guy.
  3. Interesting pocket cruiser guys, enjoy and just think you are very lucky because it is just impossible from now to order plans, as Stevenson Projects is unreachable. Even Shannon Stevenson cannot help because she does not work for Stevenson Projects anymore. Very, very frustrating :-( ATB,
  4. Thank you very much for the informations and email address Salty-Dog ! But may be you should edit your messages where you gave the Shannon Stevenson address on the forum - ie: put a "(at)" instead of the "@" and "(dot)" instead of the "." within the email address for instance - because of spam, as we wouldn't want this address disappears, isn't it ? BTW : I've written to Shannon and I'll inform you about the story. Best Regards, Guy.
  5. Thank you very much Salty-Dog ! (may be you should edit your message then put a "(at)" instead of the "@" and "(dot)" instead of the "." within the email address because spam, as I wouldn't want this address disappears ! ;-) I'll inform you here about the story... ATB, Guy.
  6. Hi Salty_Dog and all, Thanks for the information, so I think I'll go to order soon. But in order to let me know what I have to order online, could you tell me what is the difference between a $90 set of plans+DVDs and the $35 plans only + $42 DVDs set only ? So well, I think I'll try to order some Stevenson Projects boat plans and DVDs as you and Denis told me this works well enough, but I wonder how to send money via Paypal if the "mail(at)stevproj.com" mailbox is full and can't receive emails anymore ? Could you explain how to process with detailed step by step please ? I would like to order the plans of : the Weekender, the Pocket Cruiser, the Vacationer ; and also order the 3 1/2 hour DVDs set. (This is US$157 if my count is ok with the $10 over sea shipping one time) How can I do it ? Thanks a lot in advance, Guy.
  7. Hello, Thank you very much Ray ! Good to know, but also strange they give a new number which is disconnected ! :-/ Definitively yes ! Does someone know if Chuck Leinweber is aware of this Stevenson contact problem ? Ok Frank, tx for the warning. I think to try to order online via Paypal as Denis private [French] message tells me. But before I would like to understand this strange price : why $90 for plan+DVD if : plan $35 + DVD $42 = $77 ? What is for the $90 price ? Why this $13 difference ? atb, Guy.
  8. So we really need some English speaker which would accept to phone to their new updated phone number "650.873.0216" to ask Stevenson Projects and to give us some fresh news... Nobody in the San Francisco area could do that and tell us what is happening about their business and if we can order and what ? Please, help ! atb, Guy.
  9. As I can tell after receiving some French words from you, you're too modest Ray ! Frank : tx, I understand that you tell about the seaworthy of Weekender and the Stevenson support, but do you know if I can order plans and DVDs online from now, or if I have to wait a sign or contact from they before to do ? atb, Guy.
  10. Tx Denis ! Yes, I'll send you a French private message soon... CU later !
  11. Tx for answering Ray, Up to which Beaufort could you go with Weekender ? And Pocket Cruiser ? And Vacationer ? (you can give your thinking in MPH or km/h too) Say : could you think these boats can go within winds up to 15 MPH (~30 km/h, 4 Bft) ? ATB, Guy.
  12. Hello all, As I'm new here, some words to present myself : I'm not yet a real (Amateur) boat builder, but I've owned and done some wooden boat work and I liked it so I would like to begin to build my first dream boat. To let you see where I am in my learning skill process I have some links to my works : Tahiti Ketch (from chantiers Sirvent, 1982) : http://www.alomphega.com/bateau/LeSoddary/dematage/ http://www.alomphega.com/bateau/LeSoddary/preparation_mats/ http://www.alomphega.com/bateau/LeSoddary/200501_janvier/ http://www.alomphega.com/bateau/LeSoddary/200502_fevrier/ http://www.alomphega.com/bateau/LeSoddary/200503_mars/ http://www.alomphega.com/bateau/LeSoddary/TAHITIKETCHVENDU/ (sold because harbour too heavy costs) Vaurien (from chantiers Montbaillard, 1962) : http://picasaweb.google.fr/Alomphega/AntaresVaurienNo10414De1962 Bel orme (from chantiers Guind
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