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  1. I forgot all about the LRM. Heh, thanks for the laugh - now I have to go annoy my kids with it all over again... I wonder if anyone remembers the LRM *screensaver* I made way back in the day? ;-) Peace, Roland
  2. Yeah, I had a similar curve in mine, and here's my crappy pic of that: I held the hatch cover in place with pieces of ply. It works ok: Peace, Roland
  3. Howdy. There's a couple of builders in CO: http://stevproj.com/Co.html and in CA: http://stevproj.com/Ca.html And if you're ever in the Northern Nevada area, feel free to drop by. Peace, Roland
  4. Hello. I don't post much anymore, but I do recall your project from its incept. All I can say is keep on keeping on, and ignore the detractors. Your boat is definitely unique, and I know I'm not alone in being intrigued with its progess. Boise is less than 400 miles from my home port, and I've been known to drive similar distances to sail with other enthusiasts. ;-) Please keep us posted with your updates, and I look forward to your launch. Peace, Roland
  5. Hola. FWIW I have a minnkota endura 50# (or was it 55?) running on 12 volts and am very happy with it. I've sailed on a couple of smaller lakes in dead calm and quite gusty, and it performed just fine. Peace, Roland
  6. Hola. FWIW I found the Lowe's bench... It was kind of a pain to finally get where I needed to... but here it is: And here's the link Good luck with whatever you decide! Peace, R
  7. Apologies if this has been posted. I did a cursory search, and didn't find anything, so I thought you might get a kick out of it... No plain sailing for would-be mariner and his car A man tried to sail an improvised boat, made out of a Citroen car mounted on wooden barrels for floats, into the Mediterranean Sea Saturday night, but was found and taken to shore by the police unharmed. Peace, Roland
  8. Hello. I use putfiles.com for videos < 10MB, and archive.org for > 10MB. Putfiles is instant, and requires no registration. Archive.org may take a day or two, and requires a (free) account, but you get cool thumbnails automatically created for you, like this: Peace, Roland PS: hmmm... archive.org seemed a bit slow just now... dunno if it's my network or their issue. fair warning.
  9. First video (I think) on that page. Cojones of steel..... Peace, Roland
  10. This was posted to a yahoo group for Welsford designs. Pretty cool stuff. <http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g%2Do/nmlbs/video.html> Still photos here: <http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g%2Do/nmlbs/photo.html> Peace, Roland
  11. Phil Gowan's boat, Aloha, has a cleat mounted on the rudderbox that can "give way" when too much pressure on the rudder. It's used in place of the regular open cleat as spec'd in the plans. I looked on Phil's site but couldn't find it. I think, though, it looks like this: found here. Peace, Roland
  12. rolandblais

    Splash Comings

    Don't have 'em. Maybe for a winter project this year... Peace, Roland
  13. Sure. Use http://media.putfile.com/Lake_Lahontan_09_09_05_small43 (3mb version) and http://ia300141.us.archive.org/3/items/Lake_Lahontan_09_09_05 (20mb) Peace, and thanks Roland
  14. Well, yes, I do. ;-) What I did is use my own website to store small and large versions of my "movie", and distribute those links. At the same time, I submitted the small one to putfile.com (free public video hosting, with a 10mb limit - upload is immeadiate), and the large one to archive.org, no limit, but it must be "reviewed". And, I think large videos are automajically offered in smaller versions as well. Another cool thing is the automajic animated gif that gets created from scenes from the video. Once the video was "officially" on archive.org, a went back and changed the links to move them away from my server ( so bandwidth doesn't get charged against me). Still waiting for Affleck to send a check, without it I (and my cameras) won't be there... Peace, Roland PS: one thing that's been very helpful, is to have a topping lift to support the boom when the sail isn't up, or when dropping sail when you've had enough of the gusts and want to motor home. I just ran a line from from an eyebolt on the aft end of my boom up to a block at the top of the mast, then down to a cleat at the base of the mast, which I'll be relocating further back this winter.
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