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  1. The resin on the transom yielded to the gentle persuasion of 80 grit, but it was astonishingly hard. Still it sanded off and now with some stain in place it will probably look OK when varnished. I guess also with the white paint going over onto the edge of the planks, a rudder and other things going on to distract the eye from small blemishes, it will look fine. Suddenly I am at the point where the list of tasks is becoming manageable; Carlin supports tomorrow, then carlins can go in, hatch covers, decks, then sanding for a few weeks... Then tipped over for final coats of hull paint, gunwales, rubbing strips, a rebuild of the rudder stock, oh then.... actually still quite a list...
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  3. Hiking on my CS15… a gust began laying over my boat and I quickly sat up on the side deck (I don’t have hiking straps, but I used them in a Sunfish-like boat a LONG time ago). Releasing the main some made things quickly settle down. I slid off the side deck back onto the seat. When I could not find my wallet in my back pocket later that day, nor ANYWHERE else, I concluded that when I slid off the side deck my wallet got squeezed out into the lake like a wet watermelon seed popping out from between thumb and first finger. I even had my old college ID still… my kids and others enjoyed laughing at it. I just don’t lose my wallet, at least for very long. Lesson learned and I now have a new wallet with all new stuff. Whenever I remember to take the precaution it comes out before sailing. The trick then is to remember where I carefully stowed it. Your boat is looking very nice. Enjoy!! And, just because this very cute photo of my grand-girls from last year popped up on phone today… (in the very spot from which I sent my billfold over):
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