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Couple of questions on a projected build....


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Ordered the plans from Atkins for the "Huskie"...haven't decided whether or not I'll actually proceed with this project or not. Have reread the instructions numerous times to get familiar with the actual process (first build) and have one question at the moment.


If I'm reading this right.....since the prop shaft is designed above the LWL...an internal stuffing box is not needed nor is a shaft tube mentioned anywhere...is this correct?


 I had previously asked the Aktin's people other questions but evidently there's no one left to respond to any technical questions so I'll depend on this crowd for suggestions.....thanks








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There is an external stuffing box specified, so an internal one is not used. The "paraffin" coats the shaft alley to prevent any water that gets through the stuffing box from leaking into the boat.   This is all very "old school". If it was me, I'd use a cutlass bearing on the aft end rather than the external stuffing box, and then use a regular stuffing box on the forward end. I'd mount a metal or fiberglasss tube through the deadwood with the stuffing box attached with a rubber hose.

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