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FreeB lives!

Action Tiger

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Well, it's a boat. Pretty windy day, which is fine by me. She moves better than a 12 foot boat should. Not a slalom boat, to be sure, but not ill handling in the least.

I confess I'm not used to paddling a kayak this wide, and I wracked my knuckles on the gunwales a few times.

I think I might give this boat to me for pond assaults.

Very nice little boat.


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Thank you, sir. She is a neat little boat. I was out paddling today in an easy Force 2 wind. Had a blast.

The lake is one of my favorites. The tree line is the normal water level :unsure:. You can see rocks 30 feet down it is so clear (we sounded with the sailboat's lead line). Yesterday I saw a blue heron footprint in the mud as long as mine. I'm a 14!

We haven't been bit by fire, yet, but my uncle and friend both have. However, my uncle had a few sequoias burnt a bit, so we can't wait to see how many pop up this spring...if it rains this year.

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Today was blowing about 10-12 and I took out the FreeB. I out paced a couple in a tandem hobie kayak. They were intrigued by my paddle. Couldn't believe it worked as well as their feathered plastic dinner plates.

No pics because I "forgot" my phone in the tent.

I will post a few more photos of her in action.


This is a VERY sweet boat. There is no way I can part with her. Well... money DOES talk. ;)

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No more pictures because we left camp early. IT RAINED!!!

I went down for a morning paddle, and my FreeB had blown away. Literally blown about 1k down the shore, into the tree line and into some rocks (mind you, I live in the land of granite monoliths).

No damage.

Light enough to blow away, tough enough to take it.

I paddled her everyday for a week and never found a complaint.

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